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Top 10 Overrated Superpowers

The children who have had the chance of reading comic books before getting the syllabus books in their hands must know the thing or two about the Super Heroes that we have. We have heroes that generate a sense of belief that yes we can! They teach us to be strong and stand for the… Read More »

10 Bizarre Cases of Amnesia

Amnesia can moreover be launched quickly by the use of diverse opiates and rest impelling solutions. Fundamentally, amnesia is the setback of memory. The memory could be either wholly or efficiently lost due to the level of damage that was carried on. Retrograde amnesia is the feebleness to recuperate information that was gotten after a… Read More »

Top 10 Most Famous Failed Doomsday Prophecies

Probably during the times of Sir Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein, nobody was actually thinking about the end of the world. All people were concerned about was the fact that the world was going through the period of invention and advancement of technology and that was all that mattered. But with the passage of time,… Read More »