Top 10 Explanations for the events of the Bermuda Triangle

By | September 11, 2013

The Term of ‘Bermuda Triangle’ was first coined by a writer with the name of Vincent Gaddis in the year 1964. The term was first used in the article that he wrote and that article literally brought around a cyclone in the media and the scientists. Since then people have actually started to take the interest that is needed to solve the mystery surrounding that piece of the area. There have been many excavations in the region and many people have tried to justify the activities that have happened in the region of the triangle. But the sad fact is that none of them have actually been able to give the proper reasons for their statements. Let’s dig towards our topic Top 10 Explanations for the events of the Bermuda Triangle.

1. The leftover technology from the ancient city of Atlantis

leftover technology from the ancient city of Atlantis

The city of Atlantis is one of the prime theories that have been put forward as a reason for the disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle. According to the legend, the city of Atlantis was an extremely powerful and technologically advanced city. Nobody has yet actually proved that the city existed but according to most of the conspiracy theories, the city’s defense mechanisms are still working and thus the events have occurred.

2. The Time Warps

Time Warps

This is one of the most illogical theories that have been put forward to justify the disappearances. Frankly speaking, the idea that the region contains worm holes that can take you to different dimensions in a completely different time period just seem plausible in some classic SCI-FI movie. There is literally no evidence to support this statement.

3. Aliens

Aliens: Top 10 Explanations for the events of the Bermuda Triangle

Aliens can be abductors who have kidnapped the vessels and the aircrafts that have disappeared from the region. To the scientists who believe that life form does exist outside earth might find this reason plausible enough, but the major question that arises is that why does the aliens do not attack the remaining part of the earth. Why the specific controversial reason. Anyways, this is also just a theory without any proper evidence.

4. Pirates


This is something that can really happen. The seas have been previously tormented by the pirates. It can very well be that some still remain in the region but certain things that cause the controversy is the fact that why does not anyone get any sight of them! According to the satellite images, the area is just waters. Thus where do they stay? What do they eat? A lot of questions can be asked which actually does not have any answer.

5. Methane Gas

Methane Gas

This is arguably one of the most plausible theories according to which there is the presence of huge quantities of Natural Gas in the water, which does increase the density of the water. Thus, the buoyancy gets affected resulting in the sinking of the ships. But this only explains the scenario for the ships. What about the aircrafts that have vanished? The question lies along! To add to this, is there is natural gas mixed with the water, why does not the water flow out? In that case, the water should be burning with some explosions which do not happen!

6. The Geomagnetic Fields

Geomagnetic Fields

The Geomagnetic fields can be the reason according to some people. They believe that the region has some kind of specific geomagnetic field patterns according to which, the navigation systems get disrupted. Then why cannot these fields can be mapped when all the other fields have been mapped? This very question completely dismisses the theory.

7. The variations of Currents

variations of Currents

Thermal imaging has shown that the Gulf Stream variations are powerful enough to change the course and create some disturbances like limiting the sight of vision, leading to shipwrecks. But in case of the shipwrecks where does the wrecked material go. Why does not anything come out? The last question is yet to be answered.

8. The weather and the waves

weather and the waves

There is no doubt of the fact that the seas down there often have quite a rough weather and huge waves to accompany. They can very well be the reasons that create these havoc situations and lead to the missing. But even this theory brings about the same question, Why does not anything come out?

9. Simple Human Error

Simple Human Error

According to me, this is certainly the best reason for all the wrong things that have happened. We have often seen events where planes have crashed in clear weather due to human errors. The only thing that stands in the way of this statement is the fact that how can the mistakes take place every time in the same location?

10. Sheer Myth

Sheer Myth

The best reason can be justified by saying that whatever we are saying about the Bermuda Triangle is all myth. The main reason is yet to be found and until then one must consider it as a myth.

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