Top 10 Inventions of the 19th Century

By | September 1, 2013

Inventions and discoveries have been the two most important things that have led the people of the 19 century. If we think about the discoveries that have led us to this formation of life we will surely realize that life in the past was not what we call as easy or great. Rather the lives of the people of the past can be very well termed as simple. The simple rules, the simple works, are all what made up their lives. But one cannot deny the fact that with every passing century since the dawn of civilization, people have continued on their merry way of inventing and discovering new things. Every century was extremely crucial in different perspectives. But the 19th century was the century that literally eased the lives of the people. This was the century when we started our journey of becoming slaves to technology. Here in this article I will let you know about some of the greatest inventions of the 19th century.

1. The Vacuum Cleaner (1901)

The Vacuum Cleaner2

This is something that has literally reduced half of the time that housewives spend on cleaning the rooms. The device was invented in the year 1901 by H. Cecil Booth when he saw a blower blowing away dust. The idea that struck his mind was that what if something drew these dusts inside it and then removed some time later. This idea influenced him to create the first vacuum cleaner.

2. The Disposable Razor Blades (1909)

Disposable Razor Blades

This is seriously one of the best inventions that have been done for the men. Instead if using those iron blades, King Camp Gillette thought that what if a thing could be used that is much smaller and has less risk. He used stainless steel to make the first disposable razor blades in the year 1909 which later on turned out to be a boon to men.

3. Parachute (1913)

Parachute: Top 10 Inventions of the 19th Century

This is something without which the modern warfare would be literally incomplete. The idea of using the flow of wind against the motion of fall has always intrigued various scientists since the 15th century but it was Stefan Banic who was the first to implement it successfully. The first parachute was donated to the American army which was later used extensively in the World Wars and still continues to be one of the greatest assets in the military.

4. The Electronic Television (1923)

The Electronic Television

This is that invention that has completely changed the way we perceive entertainment. The visual TV was first created in the year 1923 by Vladimir Zworykin and Philo Farnsworth that made the revolution the field of entertainment.

5. Antibiotics (1928)


In spite of the fact that the ingredients of antibiotics were used by the Chinese around 3000 years ago but the first official medicine under the name of the antibiotic was made by Alexander Fleming in the year 1928. The first antibiotic was created after his experiments with certain bacteria and fungus.

6. The Ball Point Pen (1938)

The Ball Point Pen

The risk of losing documents when they came in touch with slight moisture was eliminated by a Hungarian Scientist, Lazio Biro, when he created the ball point pen in the year 1938. The ink dried almost instantly making writing and storing documents much easier.

7. Integrated Circuit (1958)

Integrated Circuit

In the past, many people had tried making these microchips but the firsts succeed were Jack Kilby and Robert Noyce who built the world’s first integrated Circuit in the year 1958 which changed the course of electronic development of the world.

8. Laser (1960)


This was something that happened out of a chance. While conducting experiments with sound, Theodre H. Maiman discovered some ways that were not natural in context with sound. This is how laser was created which is now a major part of all the electronic devices like TV, DVD players, etc.

9. The Mobile (1977)

The Mobile phone

This thing changed the way people used to communicate with each other. The first of the mobile phones was about the size of bricks but they were the first steps that mankind took towards narrowing the gap between people. The first mobile was created in the year 1977 by the Bell Laboratories.

10. The CD (1980)


This is that invention that eased the trouble that mankind was facing when talking about storing data. The first Compact Discs were made by Philips and Sony jointly. This invention is considered to the most important as the problem with storing data was completely eradicated.

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