Top 10 Most Strange Dead Bodies

By | October 2, 2013

Speaking of true facts and feature that can just bamboozle you, I would like to state that if I consider all the living beings on this earth as a 100%, then sadly we are knowledgeable about just 15% – 16% of the entire list of animals. Thus you might just get it that how much of the population of living beings still eludes us and how huge the number is. More often than not it is considered that just a little portion of the water beings has been discovered. Thus from the point of view of the scientists, it becomes extremely important them to keep a track of the mummies and the dead bodies of the past to keep an account of the animals who have lived on this earth. Here in this article we will discuss about the top 10 most strange dead bodies that mankind has ever seen.

1. Persian PrincesPersian Princes: Top 10 Most Strange Dead Bodies

This is the dead body of a Persian Princess who was sold in the black market for a whooping 20 million dollars. On further interrogation it was revealed that the mummy was found after an earthquake in Persia. The mummy is of a Persian princess but it is an extremely valuable source of information about the Persian culture as mummification was thought to the genre of Egyptians and not Persians.

2. Chilean BlobChilean Blob

In the year of 2003, a huge gelatinous dead body was discovered along the coast of Chile. The body created a huge chaos amidst the marine biologists as none were actually able to identify the creature and name it. Most of them thought it to be giant octopus. In the year 2004, it was announced that the dead body was that of the sperm of a Whale but the confusion still persists.

3. TrunkoTrunko

In the year 1924 many humans were the witness to a battle between a giant sea creature and two whales. Later that day, the dead body of that creature washed onto the shore of the land. The dead body did not have a distinct head to identify itself as an animal. All that was visible was a huge trunk. It was officially announced that it was a new species of whale itself.

4. Kitchenuhmaykoosib MonsterKitchenuhmaykoosib Monster

In the year 2010, the two women saw a dead body of a very interesting looking animal. The dead body had extremely strange facial features with sharp teeth and a tail like a mouse. The body was never really attended to by scientists as it had already vanished the next day. Mystery still lingers around the name of that dead animal.

5. Taman Shud CaseTaman Shud Case

In the year 1948, along the coast of Adelaide, Australia, the dead body of a well dressed English man was discovered. There were no physical injuries except for the overgrown spleen. The real cause of the death was not realized at that time and neither is till today. The name Taman Shud was written on a piece of paper sewn within his pants.

6. LyubaLyuba

In the year 2007, a breeder of Reindeer discovered a frozen woolly mammoth that is thought to have died approximately 40000 years ago. It is the baby of a mammoth and is till date the best example of a mammoth that is available to humans. But the fact of worry is that the organs that the dead body has been very much like the present elephants. Thus the confusion persists about the mammoth and its authenticity.

7. Montauk MonsterMontauk Monster

This monstrous looking small creature was found dead on the shore of Montauk in New York in the year 2008. Nobody actually knows what creature is this. Most of them have said it might just be the effect of some experiments on animals but nothing is of any surety.

8. Zuiyo Mary CarcassZuiyo Mary Carcass

In the year 1977, a Japanese trawler caught a dead body that was nothing like the ones that we have seen. The size, the long neck and the foul smell made certain things for sure that the animal has died recently and was something disastrously huge. Many people thought it to be the dead body of a Plesiosaur, but the officials termed it as a decaying body of a Basking shark.

9. San Pedro Mountains MummySan Pedro Mountains Mummy

In the year 1932, the search for gold led to the discovery of a mummy that resembled a small man sitting in an upright position. The body had a complete skeleton like a human but was far from it with the flat noses and wide chins. But the authorities termed it as the dead body of a 65 year old human but the prime question lies that how did the man get into a closed cave?

10. Panama Creature Panama Creature

This creature was pictured in the year 2009 near Panama. According to the sources, it was found out by a bunch of boys who initially beat it to death out of fear and later returned to photograph it. The animal had a very different body with no hair and extremely sharp and dangerous looking teeth. No one actually knows what the animal is and nor it has any resemblance with any other animal on earth.


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