Top 10 Rarest Diseases of the World

By | September 18, 2013

The half of the people that die in the world everyday is due to some sort of diseases. The event or let us say the phenomenon of Diseases has always played a prime part in the act of extinction of animals from the surface of the Earth. Most of the deaths are due to the common fatal diseases that we know of because the number of people who die from these diseases makes them very common with the common man. But in medical science there are diseases that are extremely rare in their occurrence and most of the diseases do not actually have any proper medicine to treat them. The unlucky boys who get them attacked by these diseases have to live on with them for the rest of their lives. Now, Let’s talk about the top 10 rarest diseases of the world.

1. Progeria


This is a disease that occurs to one child in the middle of 8 million other children. This extremely rare disease is one of the most terrifying and fatal diseases known to man. The aging of the victim starts right from the birth and as a result the victim survives for a maximum of 15 years in general cases. The maximum life of a Progeria affected victim has been recorded as early as the twenties.

2. Water Allergy

 water-allergy-Aquagenic Urticaria

We call Water as the life giving entity whereas there have been 30 people recorded who are extremely allergic to water. They cannot even drink water as it results in burning rashes all over the skin. The main reason responsible for the allergy is the fact that the body cells become hypersensitive to the ions present in natural water.

3. Laughing Death

 Laughing Death

Mostly found in Tribal people when a person dies while laughing. The main death is due to a hole that gets created in the brain of the human. The main reason stated for the disease is the cannibalism practices that were done by the tribal people. The disease was much common in the past but since the end of cannibalism the disease has become a rare occurrence.

4. Porphyria


King George III was the victim of this rare disease that is caused due to formation of extra proteins by the red blood cells. The symptoms include a variety like vomiting, Nausea, Rashes, Swelling, Abdominal pain, etc. The famous painter Vincent Van Gogh also suffered from Porphyria.

5. Familial Insomnia

Familial Insomnia: Top 10 Rarest Diseases of the World

This is basically one of the disorders that come with age. The trouble with the disease is the fact that it is hereditary. It may lie dormant for generations but might just suddenly step up into action within a generation leading to mass deaths in the family due to lack of sleep.

6. Alien Hand Syndrome

 Alien Hand Syndrome

This is a syndrome in which your hands turn into involuntary organs. The hands actually stop obeying your orders. You cannot control the hands and thus you get prone to many other risks and embarrassments. This is basically an aftermath of some wrong medical treatments.

7. Argyria


We are not talking about the Smurfs here but rather of an extremely rare and hereditary disease that can continue for centuries in the family. The victims tend to have a blue skin due to the excess amounts of hemoglobin and as a result the oxygen level in the blood goes down invariably leading to death.

8. Hereditary Angioedema

 Hereditary Angioedema

This disease can go down the chain of a family for the extreme long track. Although the traits stay dormant in general cases as only one person in 50000 people suffer from this disease. The syndrome causes different parts of the body to swell up due to accumulation of water in the blood vessels leading to extreme complications.

9. Hypertrichosis


The disease is also known as the ‘Werewolf Syndrome’ as the person suffering from it starts to develop long hairs on all over the body. There is no permanent cure for the syndrome. It is not always the case that the signs will show up since tender age. They can come up at any point in life.

10. Human Pappilloma

 Human Pappilloma

This is one of the rarest diseases with only 195 known cases. The disease includes the breakdown of the immune system and as a result the virus shelters itself in the body of the human leading to cell growth in the worst fashion. There are no known treatments for the disease. Slowly with time the disease tends to spread all over the body of the victim.

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