Top 10 Inventions of the 21st Century

By | September 8, 2013

The modern world that we live in is literally made up of the technological discoveries and the inventions done by out scientists and inventors. In the past the event that took hours to happen is done in minutes in the present times. We do not have to wait for hours and days to achieve something rather minutes are more often than not enough for the deed. This is basically due to the fact that the manpower has been completely replaced by the machines. The dependency has decreased and efficiency has increased to a greater level. This is basically due to the inventions made in the initial part of the 21st Century. Here is a list of the top 10 inventions of the 21st Century that has changed the way we live in the modern world.

1. The Hydrogen Powered Cars

The Hydrogen Powered Cars

This is something that the humans have designed which if brought into considerable use can completely change the statistics of pollution of the planet Earth. The cars have the ability to use hydrogen in the combustion chamber and leave just a puff of water vapour. But the main disadvantage of the vehicle is the fact that they might just be a lot costly for normal use.

2. Robotics


This is something that the modern day scientists of the 21st Century have been working alone for long. According to the very latest results in various experiments, it has been proved that robots can be efficiently used in order to do certain stuffs that were previously done by men. This can have a great impact in the military section of a country.

3. Automation


This is also a type of robotics where in different factories that is especially used for assembling purposes. With the development in robotics, automation is also expected to be developed. This in turn will simply work in the favor of development of industries.

4. Anti-gravity


If we speak about the facts of classical physics, it is a truth that magnetic monopolies cannot exist. But this is what the dangerous humans have made possible with the experiments that they have conducted with the magnets. Many people see this as a prospect according to which one will not have to depend on wheels anymore.

5. Cloning of the Humans

Human cloning

Most of us make exact copies of our signature when going for official signature purposes. But the scientists have made possible the impossible feat of copying humans. After a few experiments and alterations with the genes, the scientists have found out the way by which you can grow new organs and even a complete new human. This can completely change the position of the medical system making an age of 200 a genuine possibility.

6. Nanotechnology


Arguably this is the most fascinating advent in the field of technology. The subject deals with the extremely small microscopic particles which are so fine that they can be injected ted into the system and repairs can be done to the human organs. This feat is still far away from becoming a reality but the prospects are great.

7. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Have you ever thought of the fact that if your toy robot had the intelligence to understand when you want to play with it. This is what the development in the field of artificial intelligence deals in. They will actually imbibe some intelligence into your robot. The technology has its best prospects when robotics actually come and paces up with the speed of this development.

8. Free Energy

Free energy

Energy is literally the main cause that puts up a lot of disturbances. In the past we only knew of the fossil fuels. But the scientists of the 21st Century have made it possible enough for extraction of energy from various other sources like wind, water, Geo – thermal heat, etc. With proper guidance, these things can turn out to be an extremely efficient form of energy.

9. Hypersonic Transportation


The way we travel by aircraft has completely changed in this century. This is more due to the fact that there has been a prime development in the area of Hypersonic transportation. Now you have planes and a train that travels very much equal to the speed of light. With proper development of the technology it is not far away when we will seriously be able to travel all the countries of the world in just 80 days.

10. Genetic Engineering


This is arguably one of the greatest achievements of the scientists. We have not only been able to unlock the information in the gene of the animals, at the same time we also have merged the information and made new beings that are much better and stronger than their parents.

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