Top 10 Most Important Incidents of UFO in Human History

By | September 24, 2013

There has always been a query about the fact that whether it is only us as the creatures of the universe. We have always been in search of the any signs that would prove us wrong. It is often considered that there are also living beings that live in some other planets of the Solar System or some other system, in the Milky Way or some other Universe. Thus, crave for any knowledge about this case is such that we find ourselves getting in dilemmas sometimes. We the humans have sometimes seen things that are completely unknown to us and never seen them again. These flying objects are called Unidentified Flying Objects or ‘UFO’ is what we have often considered as Alien ships. There has not been a single proof regarding all these sightings and all. Here are the Top 10 Most important incidents of UFO in Human History.

UFO in Human History

1. In the year 1947, The American army had claimed that they have had the opportunity to shoot down two Unidentified flying objects. The issue had a major topic of controversy during those times and after which there has never been any talks about the captured alien crafts. The army had explained it as their mistake as it had been a testing US aircraft itself.

2. In the same year, a man named Kenith Arnold had claimed that he had seen 9 objects flying in a line around the Washington DC. He was the one who coined the term ‘Flying Saucers’ as they looked like saucers to him. The Government snapped shut his mouth saying that it was just a Mirage.

3. In the year 1952, the radars at three separate United States Airbases had seen some irregularities at the temperature graph of the Radars. The temperature diagram showed a flying object but the United States Army termed it as some results of the mixing of Cold and Warm jet streams.

4. In the year1957, many drivers had claimed that they had their vehicles stall to a stop after a glowing egg – shaped object had landed. Not a single motor started unless the object had left the scene. The authorities explained these as motor failures due to some electrical field in the atmosphere.

5. In the year 1966, over 200 school students and teachers claimed that they have seen a ship not at all looking like the normal ones descending into the grasslands. Although the ship was never found, they were quite strong in the belief. The authorities claimed that it was a military aircraft that was in flight on an experimental basis.

6. In the year 1967, the event went from the lands to the seas when a large glowing object was seen diving into the harbor of Nova Scotia causing immense damage to the harbor itself. But interestingly, nothing was found underneath the water. The authorities could not actually explain this occurrence that caused this hell lot of damage.

7. In the year 1976 in Tehran, two aircrafts and equipments were disabled and the witnesses claim that they had seen something that does not belong here. The claims were shrugged off when the authorities claimed that it was nothing but the sight of an extremely close Jupiter and some malfunction in the equipments.

8. In the year of 1986, the city of Sao Paulo had seen about 20 Unidentified Flying Objects in its sky. The objects allegedly disappeared after they were being chased by 5 military aircrafts. The authorities later termed it as debris from a space station that had entered into the atmosphere and got disposed in the sea by luck.

9. In the year of 1989 – 1990, more that 1300 people claimed to have sighted large, silent triangular flying objects. Around 2500 of the claimants also signed a witness deed. Later on the issue was shrugged off by the Belgian military forces claiming them to be silent drone helicopters.

10. This is by far arguably the best pictures of an Unidentified flying object. The video was filmed by a night guard over a period of 4 years. Even the Sirius UFO Space Science Research Centre sent some confirmations about the incidents but the Turkish government overlooked the issue saying that it was an animated hoax.

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