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Top 10 Most Violent Video Games

Video games were once considered as the children playing applications only. But along with the time, their scope has extended at a large level. High definition graphics are now attracting the adults also to play the video games. There are different types of games available in market targeting all age groups. Currently violent video games… Read More »

Top 10 Coldest Places on Earth

The earth is full of wonderful places has natural surroundings and an amazing climate. Are you making plans to move around the coldest places on earth?  Do you know the best coldest places on earth? Now, don’t be confused for you there are several extreme places in the world. The world has extreme climates that make… Read More »

10 Dangerous Prehistoric Birds

Prehistoric birds are known as those species that have become extinct before being recorded by modern sources. They went extinct along with dinosaurs millions of years ago. These birds were extremely giant as compare to the birds of this age. The gigantic size of these birds made them to stand among the dangerous species of… Read More »

Top 10 Most Dangerous Sports

Sport is an entertaining way of exercise. Millions of people participate and watch sports as a passion. In modern time, different types of sports are coming to existence. People are discovering many adventures worldwide. Some of them are relaxing and some are challenging. Both indoor and outdoor sports are popular among the people who are searching for… Read More »

Top 10 Mario Characters

Mario is such a game that has had our hearts since the inception of gaming minds in us! The main reason for the fact is that the game incorporates a feeling of coolness in us. Initially there was not a great hype about the game. However, with the passage of time and the inclusion of… Read More »