Top 10 Controversial & Bizarre Archaeological Discoveries

By | September 21, 2013

This is the same land on which they lived in the past; there has not been any change in the land itself. There were controversies in the past; there are still controversies in the present. To add to this, there are certain things of the past that add to the controversy of the present times. There have been many discoveries that have actually thrown the world at the brink of changes and controversies. Certain artifacts and manuscripts discovered have challenged the way out history has been written. Here are the top 10 controversial & bizarre archaeological discoveries in the history of Mankind.

1. Acambaro Figures

Acambaro Figures: Top 10 Controversial & Bizarre Archaeological Discoveries

The discovery of the Acambaro Figures in Acambaro Guanajuato is one of the most controversial discovery ever made. There were about more that 3000 figures discovered which actually looked like figures that included humans, animals and even dinosaurs. The controversy that arises here is the fact that if the figures are of the people of the past than they are actually not supposed to be known about the dinosaurs because the dinosaurs were not present at that time and they did not have enough technology to dig them and reconstruct them. The only thing that can happen is that there were humans during the times of the Dinosaurs which completely change our history.

2. The Dropa Stones

Dropa Stones

This discovery has something to do with the alien mythology that we harbor in ourselves. During an archaeological expedition to a mountain near the China – Tibetan border, there were stone discovered. Stones were more than 700 in numbers. An extensive study, professor Tsum Um Nui claimed that the stones had marking that were about the aliens who crashed there about 12000 years ago. Interestingly, the Dropa Stones have been disappearing from various places on the earth.

3. A human Skull with a Horn

A human Skull with a Horn

 During the 1880’s there have been discoveries that might have given shocks to the archaeologist themselves. During that period of time there was a human skull discovered during excavations in Sayre. The special feature that completely made the other archaeologists go off the track was the fact that these skulls had horns like shape features on them. With all the further researches and examinations, the scientists failed to discover the truth behind the scenario.

4. Creator’s Map

In the year 1999, a professor of the state university of Russia discovered a slab in his own backyard which went on to be one of the most important archaeological discovery of the time. The slab was some sort of a map designed in such a way that it can be used to find the elevation of terrain. The stuff on the slab is used in the present times by the military to do the same.

5. Aluminium Wedge of Aiud

Aluminium Wedge of Aiud

In the year 1974, a weapon made of aluminium was found in the city of Auid. Along the weapon, there were two bones of animals which tell us the layers were approximately 11000 years old. Thus, what makes this discovery so very much controversial is the fact that about 11000 years ago how could the people of those times create this when aluminium requires a minimum of 1000 degrees Celsius to melt.

6. Decalogue Stone of Los Lunas

Decalogue Stone of Los Lunas

The discovery that we are talking about here is a Decalogue stone which is supposedly having a shortened version of the Ten Commandments that have been written in Hebrew. The question arose in that how can this be stated when the time of the Ten Commandments in much later that the actual time of the slab.

7. Piri Reis Map

Piri Reis Map

This map was discovered in the year 1929 in some part of Istanbul. The map is a perfect depiction of the America of the 1600. The feature that actually baffles the historians is the fact that Antarctica was discovered in the year of 1820. And if that is so, then how can this map has a complete depiction of the land of Antarctica.

8. North American Giants

North American Giants

In the last few centuries, many reports have3 arrived of uncovering of human beings who are much more in height that the normal humans. These human giants are supposed to be living in the lands of America. But sadly enough there have been no evidence in support of the statements.

9. Kensington Runestone

Kensington Runestone

This slab of stone was discovered in the year 1898 when a Swedish American farmer actually stumbled upon a slab with ancient carvings. The carvings states that the explorers of Scandinavia had already reached America much before Columbus did. Many archaeologists have referred to it as a hoax and many believe in it.

10. The Shroud of Turin

The Shroud of Turin1

The Shroud of Turin is a cloth with the face of a man who has suffered from physical trauma just like Jesus. People claimed that the cloth was the one used to cover Jesus’ body after crucifixion where as test have reported that the cloth was woven about a millennium later Jesus’ death.

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