Top 10 Bizarre Things of the Universe

By | October 14, 2013

There must have been an occasion when you must have thought that what is actually in that black starry sky that covers the whole of this magnificent earth. Well this is one of the things that has made and prompted the humans to actually try and know a lot of things about the black sky that we are talking about. One will be absolutely amazed to know that there are so many beautiful things that we cannot see through our naked eyes other than the most beautiful Sun of ours. But even the beautiful night sky does contain some bizarre sort of thing that can bewilder you completely. Let’s move further on our today’s compilation of top 10 bizarre things of the Universe.

1. Hypervelocity Stars

Hypervelocity Stars

As we have been taught by our teachers that shooting stars are just meteors entering the atmosphere at great speeds but if I say to you now that shooting starts really do exist and they travel at millions of miles per hour, I think that you will think that I am joking. But this is true as there are instances when a system of binary star is destroyed by a supernova, one partner of the system is destroyed and due to the breaking of the gravitational bond, the other partner shoots away at the great speed. Anything that comes in the way is reduced to ashes.

2. The Hell Planet

The Hell Planet

This is a planet which actually can allow life to exist on it. The planet is named Gliece 581c which is in the orbit around a dwarf planet which is many times smaller that oath the sun and at the same time has got about 1.3% of the sun’s luminosity. What this means is that the planet is very much close to the dwarf star and as a result is locked in gravitation with the star. One side always faces the star and the other faces away. The temperature one side would turn you into ashes in microseconds and the other will freeze you before you blink, still there exists a central zone that can have a life. Just imagine!

3. The Castor System

The Castor System

Just imagine a system of stars that has a total luminosity that is approximately about 52.5 times that of our sun. This is a system located in somewhere in the universe and has a total of 6 stars. Out of the 6 stars there are 4 huge stars and two red dwarves. The whole system is a system of three binary smaller systems revolving another concentrated mass of Gas. In totality this whole thing is just beyond all levels of the luminosity that can be tolerated by humans. The best thing is that the system is millions of miles away from us.

4. Space Rum and Raspberries

Space Rum and Raspberries

The scientists all around the globe have seen the formation of a giant cloud in our very own Milky Way which has been given the name of Sagittarius B2. The interesting part of the cloud is that it is expected to have a smell like Rum and tasting like Raspberries. The reason given by the scientists is that the cloud contains Ethyl Formate which is found in both the edible things. But the thing that is really giving the scientists the headache is that how has such a cloud been created out of nothing?

5. The Planet of Burning Ice

The Planet of Burning Ice

The name itself will tell you that there is something really weird in it which makes it the most bizarre things of the universe. The planet is a part of the system of Gliece and has the name of Gliece 436b. The feature about the planet that makes us dumbstruck is the fact that although the planet has a temperature of approximately around 436 degree Celsius, the planet is literally sealed with huge sheets of Ice. According to the scientists, the huge quantities of Ice do not melt because of the fact that the combined forces of gravitation of the dwarf star and the planet itself does not allow the water molecules to move and thus the ice remains intact. That is some hell of a gravitational force.

6. The Diamond Planet

The Diamond Planet: Top 10 Bizarre Things of the Universe

Just imagine that if you have the access to a planet that is completely made up of diamond. Your jaws must have dropped. I am talking right. There exists a planet named 55 Cancri – e which is completely made up of silicon, graphite and diamond. Nearly one – third of the planet is made up of diamond which is worth around 27 nonillion dollars. The planet was previously a part of a binary system of stars out of which one has perished. The normal surface temperature of the planet is approximately about 1650 degrees Celsius & deserves to be calculated as most bizarre things of the universe .

7. The Himiko Cloud

The Himiko Cloud

This is one of the oldest and by far the largest entity discovered by our scientists in this whole Universe. The Himiko cloud is just about the places from where the first ionization epoch started. The cloud came into existence approximately about 800 million years after the event of the Big Bang. The sad part is that we do not know what happens inside the cloud of Himiko. Many scientists believe that if we came to know about the things happening inside the cloud we might just be able to unravel the mystery regarding the process of creation. The Himiko cloud is literally half of the size of our Milky Way Galaxy.

8. The Universe’s Largest Water Reservoir

This might just sound really interesting to you. Around 12 billion light years away there is a place which has approximately about 140 trillion times the water that we have on earth. The water is in the form of a cloud which is a part of a black hole that is about 20 billion times the size of the sun. The black hole is located in the center of Quasar and the whole of the cloud surrounds it.

9. The Universe’s Largest Electrical Current

The whole of the Universe is made up of ionized gases and thus the presence of electrical charge is not something that is actually weird. But the presence of an electric charge that is roughly about 10^18 amperes is very weird in itself. This disastrous amount of energy comes out of a huge black hole that is what creates these huge bolts of lightning. Each single bolt of lightning created is approximately half the size of our own Milky Way Galaxy.

10. The LQG


There is absolutely nothing to explain about this thing. I will just state some facts. The only explanation that I can give is that the acronym of LQG is a Large Quasar Group and that are simple astronomical structures. Know the facts! Our galaxy is about 100 million light years in diameter. A single quasar is approximately about 4 billion light years in diameter. And now the best thing that is the LQG consists of around 74 such Quasars. According to astronomical science, the maximum size of an astronomical entity can be a maximum of 1.2 billion light years but here we are not looking at even 12 billion light years, we are looking at 296 billion light years. This is beyond all explanations of creation.

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