Top 10 Extreme Forms of Life on Earth

By | September 18, 2013

The view that we have from the outer space of the planet Earth shows it as a complete blue planet. This beautiful blue color is due to the life supporting water that we have on Earth in abundance. There is no doubt of the fact that the first living organisms did originate in the water and still so the variety of life that we see in water bodies is extremely spellbinding. According to our limited knowledge there is no other planet in this Universe that holds life on it except for our beautiful earth. This is not actually the end. Even as I am writing down these lines something or the other kind of life form is in the process of creation of developing at this time. Life on earth is not just held into the water; it is everywhere, is created everywhere and lives everywhere. Here we are going to talk about the Top 10 Extreme Forms of Life on Earth.

1. The Blue Whale

The Blue Whale is arguably the most exquisite species of fish that lives in the waters of the Earth. It is the largest animal and at the same time it is a mammal. The humongous animal is quite a thing of beauty within itself. The weight and the length are such that none of the Dinosaurs known to man can even be a match to it.

2. The Platypus

 The Platypus

Many people might just say that there is nothing so great in the animal that makes it to be placed at such a high location in the list. But for me, the Australian Platypus is one of the most incredible examples of evolution that life forms have gone through on the planet. The beak like a duck but broader, the fur and the webbed legs with sharp nails make the animal interesting to a hell lot amount.

3. Komodo dragon

 Komodo dragon

No the Komodo Dragon is not one of those dragons that are supposed to breathe fire. Rather the Komodo Dragon is literally the world’s most largest lizard that can still be seen around in the land of Indonesia. The Komodo dragon is literally the world’s fiercest reptile known to man.

4. The Ocean Quahog

 Ocean Quahog

This little shellfish is arguably the oldest of the genres of shellfish known to mankind. The shellfish is more often not used as the topping for a sushi meal eaten widely in the parts of Iceland. The length for which the animal has survived with the greatest and the largest animals getting extinct is in itself a great feat.

5. The MRL Mouse

 MRL Mouse

The MRL mouse which is properly termed as Murphy Roth’s Large mouse is one of those animals that is literally a mutant. The power that it has is about regenerating its lost body part that is not one of the inherent features of any rodent. This special feature does make the MRL mouse one of the rarest animals on Earth.

6. The Pompeii Worm

 The Pompeii Worm

One has to be extremely lucky to be the one to personally sight one of these animals. The main harbor for these tube worms are the vents of volcanic fissures located deep underneath the oceans. The animal is the second in the list of animals which can bear a huge amount of heat and pressure.

7. The Deinococcus radiodurans

 Deinococcus radiodurans

It is said that the best of the things come in small packages and truly speaking, this is one of the best single celled bacterium. Although the bacterium is not known to the common man, but for the scientists it is something that can raise millions of questions in you. The bacterium can live in extreme high temperatures and pressure but the feature that distinguishes it from the rest of the bacteria is its ability to absorb huge amounts of radiation and recreating their own DNA. I am not telling about regenerating but about the recreation of DNA. This is something that the modern day scientists are working on because if this riddle is solved Humans will be able to eradicate a lot of fatal diseases.

8. The Water Bear

 Water Bear

The animal is quoted as the toughest animal on earth. The existence of the Water Bear can be found anywhere on Earth. The feature that completely blows the minds of marine biologists is the fact that this strong land can stay unaffected up to 303 degree Fahrenheit which is about a 100 degrees more than that of boiling water.

9. The Archaea


This is one of those species that constitutes more than one – fifth of the total life forms on Earth. These bacteria are literally found everywhere starting from the deepest cave to the highest peak of land. Literally nothing affects the species is making one of the greatest single celled animals on Earth.

10. The Humans

 Humans: Top 10 Extreme Forms of Life on Earth

At last but not at all the last comes the human. I do not need to mention the features that make us one of the best species on Earth. No words will be enough to describe the qualities and the capabilities of the Humans making us superior that literally all the species on earth.

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