Top 10 Break Up Foods

By | November 21, 2013

It is something that actually and literally, a whole lot of individuals have gone through! With the coming of age and the passing of time, one or the other way a man or a woman does surely get into the act of falling in love. Falling in love in the sense that a small period of relationship where there is nothing that you know or think about other that the man or the woman of your dreams. However, someday it happens that the dream breaks and you are ousted in the world of darkness. A world where there is no dream but only a wish to eat. There are certain kinds of food that is actually a favorite among many people when they have gone through a recent break up of sorts. So, We are going to enlist up the top 10 break up foods which may be responsible for your break up!

1. Alcohol

Alcohol: Top 10 Break Up Foods

What is the best thing in the world which is better than alcohol when it comes to serve the pains of loneliness and boredom? The cause seems so much more right when we are suddenly alone in the middle of the junction. The scenario is all the same in most of the cases where the person whom you were in love with has suddenly left and gone off for a walk out of your life. This is the time when all sorts of addictive habits surround you! Particularly, the scenario is very much the same in all the case of Men.

2. Bananas

Bananas: Top 10 Break Up Foods

This is really kind of weird but the fact is true that there will always be a banana there for you. People with some scientific brains would describe it as the effective response from the body to counter the weakness that we fell into such situations. Do not ever try to tell this to a person who is going through such a situation. Nevertheless, yes, the fact is true. A Banana can seriously help a person stranded in that kind of situation.

3. Coffee

Coffee: Top 10 Break Up Foods

All of us know that a cup of Coffee can do wonders in two cases, Firstly, when you were feeling a bit of cold and the other time when you have some serious tension to ease out. Well in that case, let me make you more knowledgeable by stating that there is another case where coffee is of great help. The situation that I am talking about is the time when you have just gone through a break up. It has been seen that most of the people do refer to coffee to ease themselves out when they find themselves stranded amidst the chaos and confusion of life.

4. Pizza

pizza: Top 10 Break Up Foods

This is yet another favorite dish that is so very much preferred by breaking hearts. This Italian Dish is one of the most loved dishes because of the fact that it has a taste that simply allows you to forget all the pains that you have embedded in your heart. In reality, I actually do not find any other reason for so many people going for Pizzas after they have had a break up. The fact that Pizzas also help is the consumption of alcohol for some people might also be the reason for the trend which makes Pizza, one of the top break up foods.

5. Chinese Take Out

Chinese Take Out

Now this is something that is one of the best. Many features make this food so much famous among the broken hearts. The Chinese Foods are one of the top break up foods because they let you stay away from the kitchen and allow you to gaze over in the thoughts from the past for a much longer period of time. To add to it you can store these stuffs in the fridge and eat anytime according to the hunger attacks that you have!

6. Chocolate

Chocolate: Top 10 Break Up Foods

The habit of having chocolates one of the benchmarks that will tell you that amidst two girls which girl is sad due to break up and who is sad for some other reason. Well, more often than not we seriously find that people are seriously in favor of having chocolates. People say that the girls try to dilute the bitter feelings with some sweetness from the chocolate. This does not mean that girls in a relationship do not love chocolates. However, if I was the owner of a chocolate producing company, I would have actually loved break ups.

7. Macaroni

Macaroni: Top 10 Break Up Foods

Just Like I said for Chinese Food, Macaroni with some cheese is also one of the most important food that people love to have in cases of brake ups. The reasons are very much the same. There is a small cooking time is required and thus you can think about the past more! All you need is some milk, water, gas and two minutes and you will have your macaroni ready. A bit of cheese as a topping will do wonders in certain cases! So next time you face such a terrible event, brace yourself up for some macaroni and cheese.

8. Red Meat

Red Meat: Top 10 Break Up Foods

Red Meat is one of the perfect foods that you can have, if you want to tear into someone’s head. This is one of the most preferred food to have after break ups. The main logic behind it according to many is the fact that the way the food is being eaten gives pleasure to the victim as he or she feels that he is taking his revenge. To add to that the taste that it has also made the person have more of it!

9. Sad Lean Cuisine

Sad Lean Cuisine

Sad Lean Cuisine is not the name of some specific kind of food that is eaten by people. This refers to a group of items that has literally everything starting from everything that is dry; that has a kind of feature, which is not vibrant, the food that can be kept in the fridge and eaten at any time of the day. Such foods are best enjoyed after break ups when you have nothing to do other than eating and listening to jazz music!

10. Ice Cream

Ice Cream: Top 10 Break up Foods

Well, I cannot remember of a girl or a boy who actually hates the diet of ice cream. Ice Cream is the mark of happiness and bliss but at times and situations, we do find it difficult to relate to these terms of happiness and bliss, but still find the ice cream the better choice to have. The late night ice cream treats to self can be effective to a great degree where in one can certainly have a lot of thoughts and changes in the gears of life. May be people go for ice cream so that they can calm themselves and think rationally about the future after break up.

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