Top 10 Overrated Superpowers

By | March 10, 2014

The children who have had the chance of reading comic books before getting the syllabus books in their hands must know the thing or two about the Super Heroes that we have. We have heroes that generate a sense of belief that yes we can! They teach us to be strong and stand for the good! They teach us humility, patience and all the good things that a human must posses! However, believe me, the superpowers that they have is literally the most overrated thing that I have seen! I am an ardent reader of comic books as well. They suit my fantasy, but do not fit into my logic’s. Well, to say the truth the superpowers are good, but they are too overrated. Let’s check out the top 10 overrated superpowers.

1. Flight

Flight: Top 10 Overrated Superpowers

Just imagine yourself flying all around the earth in some milliseconds and flying so fast that you make time to go back!  Wow, this is something Superman can! He has already done it once! However, for the last time if we even believe humans can fly, but how is such a flight possible! Even the infant birds find it difficult to master the art of first flight! To add to this, how does the Superman fly so fast without crashing into something or being choked due to some bug or something like that!

2. Super Strength

Super Strength: Top 10 Overrated Superpowers

Strength is the eternal desire of a man! There is possibly no man on earth who had not had a desire to be strong. However, there is a limit to it! Yes, you are a superhero and you have special abilities, but how can you just be stopping a fast moving express train all by your strength! Everybody must want to know the protein drink that these superhero people take. Well, they have not told us yet, but the moment we come to know, you will be informed!

3. Laser Vision

Laser Vision

In this present world, people find it difficult to see clearly and here you have a person who throws laser from his own eyes! Well, the idea is quite interesting! What I believe is the fact that he is Laser generator himself! He can melt steel, draw holes on the earth and more importantly kill everybody that lands in his way! This is quite good traits for a Superhero but I do not find the superhero powers to be that interesting! It is unique and at the same time quite absurd to find a Human Laser as your superhero!

4. Invincibility

Invincibility Top 10 Overrated Superpowers

Just imagine that you have the power of invincibility! It is something like that you cannot be destroyed by anything! Nothing can kill you; nobody can put a scratch on your hand. Many heroes have this quality. They can even face bullets from a point blank range and nothing will happen to them! Our very own Superhero is one of them! However, the absurd part is the fact that, how can a man live for eternity? It is against the basic principle of the world! If something takes birth, he or she has to die. Invincibility is against the rulers of Mother Earth!

5. Weather Control

Weather Control

This power is quite interesting! You have a woman who can control the weather! Storm in X – Men and Thor of Asgard have the same qualities. They can control the weather! They can create storms and make everything calm within seconds. Although this is quite an interesting feature, but at the same time does not get along with my logics! How can someone create a storm out of nothing and stop at as suddenly as it began! If someone got angry and it resulted in storms, then I do not want that person to be married! An intelligent person would certainly understand the consequences!

6. Reading the Mind

Reading the Mind

We all think that we know people and we can decide on what is going through their minds. More often than not, we just put around a wild guess and if it turns out to be true, that is good. Else, it will just end up as a misconception! Well, some people have this strange ability to read other’s minds with their own! Things are just a bit difficult to explain, but as I said, it does happen! Then I suppose even the thoughts of the President of the United States of America is not safe also!

7. Superhuman speed

Superhuman speed

Usain Bolt is the fastest human on earth! He has this record and well, it still seems justified! Nevertheless, for the instance, consider the superheroes who can run as fast as light. This is quite astounding. A superhero has the power to run faster than light! He has the capability to reach a spot before light reaches! This seems quite absurd to me! I wish I had something like this so that things would have been much faster for me as well! Although this suit my fantasy, my logics do say that this is a highly over – rated scenario even for a superhero!

8. Time Travel

Time Travel

‘Let the Past Bury its dead!’ We all have heard this and essentially speaking it is quite true as well. Nevertheless, we have superheroes in our realm, who can easily transport you to the past and they can do so with the help of time travel. Although Time Travel is also an essential topic of conversation in physics, but in theories, there is no physical fact in order to prove this feature! One might just take the help of our superheroes for the purpose for some scientific development!

9. Teleportation


If this were possible, then believe me all the courier agencies of the world would have certainly vanished overnight! Teleportation essentially involves the act of sending one thing from one place to another without actual transportation by something. It is some physics related stuff, without any practical explanations for it! But do not forget, what Physics cannot, our superheroes can. You can always have one of our super heroes to put in some sort of teleportation thing for the files that you have left at your home!

10. X-ray vision

X-Ray vision

People tend to suffer from having normal vision. They wish they could see more clearly with their own eyes and here you have our superheroes that can straight away look at your skeleton! Well, then I guess we will not need the machines to tell us about some broken bones of ours! This will surely help many people. I mean, how can you just have the powers to look through the muscle and all and just have a look at the bones! This is possibly the most overrated superpower, according to me!

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  1. NIcolai

    Great article. It was a lot of fun to read.

    Who in their right mind havent discussed superpowers with their friends. Especially being a great fan of marvels superheroes 🙂

    You make some fun and great points.


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