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Top 10 Inventions of the 21st Century

The modern world that we live in is literally made up of the technological discoveries and the inventions done by out scientists and inventors. In the past the event that took hours to happen is done in minutes in the present times. We do not have to wait for hours and days to achieve something… Read More »

Top 10 Greatest Inventors of Mankind

This is supposedly one of the toughest lists that can be actually devised. One can never actually be completely unbiased when making this list. But speaking of facts, I think that the names that should be taken off as the greatest inventors must be the people who thought of something even when they did not… Read More »

Top 10 Technologies That have been Lost

We are living in this 21st century and literally everything around us has some sort of extreme fine technology involved within it. But at the same time one cannot deny the fact that during the course of invention of these things many other things and technologies have been created that also have been lost in… Read More »

Top 10 Recent Scientific Breakthroughs

We Humans have always been a hell lot fascinated by the term called science. Starting from the discoveries of gravity of Newton to the statement of relativity by Albert Einstein, we have done all the great deeds that make us the superior of all the beings present on this planet earth. It has been us… Read More »

Top 10 Non-Lethal Weapons

The idea is not to kill every time. You just cannot go around shooting everyone in the head; there have to be some other way by which punishing can be fun and at the same time more painful for the convict. That is the very reason why, warfare developers have always tried to invent weapons… Read More »