Top 10 Best Android Antivirus Apps to Secure Your Smartphone

By | August 23, 2013

With every single passing day one can very well realize the impact that Android Phones have on the market of Mobile phones. Android has not only left many of its competitors behind in the field of user comfort, it has also made its way up to the top in the field of innovation.

Individuals who have used some or the other Smartphones will be obviously sure of the fact that there is literally nothing that cannot be done on a Smartphone. Thus it becomes an inevitability that one will have to ensure that the data that he or she has in his Smartphone is protected against the modern threats and viruses. That is the very reason why, here in this article I will discuss about the best android antivirus apps that is available for use to you in order to protect the data that you have stored in your Android device.

Top 10 Best Android Antivirus Apps to Secure Your Smartphone

Top 10 Best Android Antivirus Apps to Secure Your Smartphone:

1. Microsoft Security Essential

There is no doubt of the fact that Microsoft Security Essentials is one of the best when it comes to protection of PC. But the Microsoft Security Essentials for Android also come up to the mark for protection of data in your Smartphone. It is free to download and provides premium security for your Android Device.


2. Panda Cloud Antivirus

This is literally the first mobile antivirus that provides cloud protection. The extremely powerful antivirus is free for use by the normal users. It has a simple user interface with many exceptional features to use.


3. BitDefender for Android

Bitdefender is one of the most favored antivirus for PC but at the same time Bitdefender for Android device is fast gaining its reputation when it is about protection of Mobile devices. The features are literally the same. The application comes as a freeware and an excellent user response.


4. AVG: Best Android Antivirus Apps

AVG is the most downloaded antivirus for mobile. The application provides all the form of security that is given by the other applications. To add to this, it can also keep the backup of your data in a secured location. AVG mobile antivirus also provides real time protection for your antivirus device.


5. McAfee Antivirus and Security for Mobile

After AVG, McAfee Antivirus and Security for Mobile is the most downloaded application for protection of data. Apart from protection of data, it also helps you to lock your folders and your applications in order to prevent it being used by somebody else.


6. Avast Antivirus

The application not only provides protection from online threats it also provides many other security solutions for your Android device. The application is extremely easy to install and has got an excellent user interface. It completely removes all the harmful things from your device.


7. Comodo Security for Mobile

Comodo internet security is one of those antivirus applications that are widely famous among the users for the kind of service it provides. The antivirus is exceptionally efficient in dealing with all the modern threats and also protects your data from internal errors. It is a must try application if you are into using a lot of work data on your Android Device.


8. Zoner Alarm: Best Android Antivirus Apps

The application works in exactly the same way as its name depicts. The antivirus is not just an application that catches and executes viruses and malware; it also has its own personal firewall that is used for real time protection. Users who have a complete world on the internet, this is a must have antivirus application.


9. Avira

Avira has been always in news for mobile security because of the quality of service that it provides. It starts from protection against viruses to malware’s, from online thefts to internal security errors. The application provides a complete all around service to its users.


10. Lookout Mobile Security Solutions

Lookout Mobile Security Solutions is one of those antivirus applications that take a complete and exceptionally good care of your device and the data that you have stored in it. The application updates its virus definitions all the time and also has a tracker for your Android device. All in all, Lookout Mobile Security Solutions is one of the best of its kind.


Here is a conclusion of the Top 10 Best Android Antivirus Apps of 2013. If you personally ask me, I would rather say that it is completely up to you that which one of the applications will find a place in your device. One thing that you can be sure of is that all the applications mentioned above are the best in their class.

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