Top 10 Recent Scientific Breakthroughs

By | August 26, 2013

We Humans have always been a hell lot fascinated by the term called science. Starting from the discoveries of gravity of Newton to the statement of relativity by Albert Einstein, we have done all the great deeds that make us the superior of all the beings present on this planet earth. It has been us who made the invention of Dynamite and then developed it till we reached the weapon of mass destruction, the Atom Bomb.  We love playing with atoms, with DNA, with live chemicals, with the space. We love tinkering with all the laws of Physics, Chemistry and biology and that is the very reason why we continue making scientific breakthroughs even till date. Here are the most incredible and recent scientific breakthroughs made by our scientists.

1. Regeneration


This phenomenon is very common in the animals of the lower class like the bacteria, amoeba, and lizard. The higher we go we find that the ability only limits down to the healing effects. This is where the modern day scientists have made the impact. They have developed same technique by which the lost parts of a body can be extensively grown again. This technology is effectively in use in the US warfare techniques where it is used to give back its soldiers the body parts that they have lost.

2. The Bullet Proof Gel

The Bullet Proof Gel

Looks like the never ending breakthroughs in science will not allow us the freedom to die. Adding to the innumerable list of things that can protect us from dying, the modern scientists have added another chemical which is known as the Bullet Proof Gel. The substance is such that it gets harder with more impact.

3. The Laser Guns

The Laser Guns

With the increasing terrorists’ activities all around the planet, the American war scientists have finally designed the LASER guns that can shoot down any and every missile from a great distance. The experimental stage is done and the guns are ready for the ships and aircraft. If the technology works perfectly, it will be a great addition to the artillery of the various armies.

4. Synthetic Telepathy

Synthetic Telepathy -Top 10 Recent Scientific Breakthroughs

This might just sound like the special ability of Professor Charles Xavier of X – Men but this thing is certainly that has been made possible by some scientists. Now, one can hack into the mind of a human and get to know the things that are going through in his mind. This system has been temporarily put under the test during taking recruits for the American Army. If the project runs successfully, this can be used to find major information from terrorists and drug lords.

5. Artificial Jellyfish

Artificial Jellyfish

This was a major breakthrough in the field of biology when the scientists developed an artificial jellyfish. It is believed that using this technique many extinct animals can be reproduced and the reasons for their extinction can be studied extensively. The technology can also be used to prevent more animals from getting extinct.

6. Spider Silk Worms

Spider Silk Worms

We have already seen a man who spins webs in the comics by Marvel named Spider Man. Now the scientists have mixed the genes of a silkworm and a spider to produce a silk worm that can liberate string webs like a spider. This material if harvested in a proper way can yield something that is even stronger than steel. This material might just completely replace steel from the market.

7. Bomb-Detecting Plants

Bomb-Detecting Plants

Previously we used electronic devices to detect the bombs and then try to de – activate the bomb. But now modern day biologists have been able to generate a plant that can detect the presence of Bomb by itself. These plants turn white when there is some sort of explosive nearby.

8. Anti Malaria Mosquitoes

Anti Malaria Mosquitoes

Everyone must have suffered from Malaria once in his or her life. Many people die all over the world due to this disease. Scientists have bred certain species of mosquitoes that can carry the antibodies required to fight malaria. When these mosquitoes bite you, your bloodstream will be filled with those antibodies reducing your chance of conceiving malaria.

9. Dogs that Glow in Dark

glow dogs

Ever thought of a situation where you might just be able to see a dog that glows in the dark? If your answer is no, then I will have to let you know that this is possible and scientists of South Korea have made this thing possible. Now there will never be a time when you will not be able to see your favorite pet.

10. Exploding Bacteria

Exploding Bacteria

If you are thinking that this is some kind of a weapon then you are extremely wrong. What I am talking about is a bacterium that explodes and in that way protects you from something bad. The bacteria attach itself with the pathogen and then explode and in the process also killing the disease causing Pathogen. All you need to do is inject yourself with these bacteria.

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