Top 10 Greatest Inventors of Mankind

By | September 2, 2013

This is supposedly one of the toughest lists that can be actually devised. One can never actually be completely unbiased when making this list. But speaking of facts, I think that the names that should be taken off as the greatest inventors must be the people who thought of something even when they did not have the sources to. The greatest inventors are those who actually allowed their minds to think of the things that can be used, their applications and at the same time also devised a plan to make the things. It might very well be that without these names, one might just not have been able to come up with the ideas that basically rule us. Here in this article I will name the list of the top 10 greatest inventors of mankind according to me. Thoughts and views might differ but I expect many people to agree as well.

1. Archimedes

Archimedes: Top 10 Greatest Inventors of Mankind

Archimedes is that Greek scholar who must be called the father of the inventions. He was a genius of a special class. I would personally refer to as the father of all inventions because of the fact that Archimedes was the one who calculated the value of pi correctly and we all know how much important Pi is in mathematics. He was the greatest mathematician in the world has ever seen. In his time he had created many machines that are still used today but in a modified form. He is truly the number 1 inventor that the world has had.

2. Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla

The Serbian was one of the finest inventors of his time but never actually got the acclamation that he deserved during his lifetime. The man who designed the AC motor himself was often considered to be a mad. He got the respect he deserved after his obscure death. He was the first man who had laid the foundations of things like robotics, antigravity, teleportation, etc.

3. Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison

There is literally nothing to say about this man. There are more than one thousand patents that are credited to his name. The normal world knows his as the founder of the electric bulb and the phonograph. To add to this there is the other inventions that have made things easier for us. He is arguably one of the finest brains that the world has ever had.

4. Alexander Graham Bell

Alexander Graham Bell

The man is actually not given the due credit that he deserves. Alexander Graham Bell was the inventor of the telephone and it is due to his works that we have now converted the world into a global village. Apart from these, he was the first to design a hearing aid for the deaf and a metal detector. He was also one of the founding members of the National Geographic Foundation.

5. Leonardo Da Vinci


He was one of the most prolific and fascinating painters of his time. I do not actually expect anyone to disregard the man. But many might also contradict that he literally did not invent anything. But let me tell you. The designs that he made have helped most of the others to create the stuff. I am very sure of the fact that if this man had the technology by his side, many people would not have even been able to create things that has made them famous. He was an artist, a thinker, a brain with new and great ideas.

6.  Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin

Probably most noted for stating the fact that the clouds have electrostatic energy within them, Benjamin Franklin was the father of the ‘Earthing’ system in electrical systems that actually protect the devices from the electricity that they feed on. An intellectual brain would surely realize the fact that if it were not for Mr. Franklin, most of the electronic advancements would not have been possible.

7. Edwin Land


This man did not create the camera neither did he create the photograph. But what he did was perfected the things and this is now what we have in our hands as one of the greatest devices that a mankind can have. He played with the laws of reflection and refraction to deduce the Polaroid which would give the better imaging result and equipment. It is due to him, that we have so many things at our help in the medical section. He was the man who invented motion picture also.

8. George Westinghouse

George Westinghouse

Maybe it is Edison who gets the credit for designing the power grid of the modern times, but there is no doubt of the fact the George Westinghouse was the man who followed the method laid down by Nikola Tesla and made the improvements. He used his brains that have led to the efficient working of the Power Grid.

9. Hero of Alexandria

Hero of Alexandria

Frankly speaking, if the Romans would have taken this man seriously, then the world would have been a developed one even before my ancestors could take birth. It 50 CE when this man had already discovered hydroelectricity, wind energy. He has created the first syringe, a pump, etc. He was literally the best mind that the Romans have had.

10. Jerome Hal Lemelson


He is truly one of the inventors of the modern era. Jerome Hal Lemelson better known as Jerry has around 605 patents to his name. He is the one who had worked on the pre-existing rules and principles and then used his own brain to invent the things that he is credited for like Automated robots, fax machines, the magnetic tape, lot of medical instruments, etc.

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