Top 10 Non-Lethal Weapons

By | August 25, 2013

The idea is not to kill every time. You just cannot go around shooting everyone in the head; there have to be some other way by which punishing can be fun and at the same time more painful for the convict. That is the very reason why, warfare developers have always tried to invent weapons that give more pain every time than sprouting blood. Here is a list of top 10 non-lethal weapons that might just more effective when trying to catch a convict. These weapons might be referred to as non–lethal weapons but the can surely be excruciatingly painful. Lets have a look on Top 10 Non-Lethal Weapons.

Top 10 Non-Lethal Weapons:

1. The Taser Shotgun

The Taser Shotgun

This one is probably one of the coolest shotguns that human kind has seen. More often than not there have been reports of the fact that shotguns are heavy and extremely hard to use. With regard to that case, it can be confirmed that one will surely fall in love with this mini shotgun with the ability to shoot a device that can paralyze the convict with a 20 Sec 500 V electric shock. The gun is already in use in the USA and is being considered for the armed forces of Great Britain.

2. Sticky Foam: Non-Lethal Weapons

Sticky Foam

The idea of sticky foam is quite interesting and is supposedly being used in the present times by the marines in Somalia. The device is actually another kind of a shotgun which throws a sticky kind of foam in order to pin down the potential convict. The device in very useful in case of Mobs where there are many individuals and if they can be put under the firing zone of the shotgun then the task becomes a whole lot easier.

3. The Chilli Grenade

The Chilli Grenade

It has been decided that the time of the water spray and the tear gas is literally going to become the part of history. That is the very reason why the Indian scientists have designed a grenade that will have stored within itself the parts of the hottest chili in the world. The plan is that these particles will go into the system and literally disrupt everything. If things go all right, this chilli grenade can be an effective weapon against rallies and protests.

4. The Thunder Generator

The Thunder Generator

The device was originally designed to scare away birds and now with upgrades the weapon is ready to be used in humans for the purpose of dispersing crowds. The weapon is being designed in Israel and is expected to be of great use in future. The weapon sends in extremely powerful shock waves in order to achieve its main objective.

5. The Gay Bomb: Non-Lethal Weapons

The Gay Bomb

This is something that is really interesting as per a normal citizen would think. A normal human would actually find the idea to be extremely absurd. But according the US army, the researchers have found out a way by which they can detonate a bomb that will not kill humans neither will it make them run crazy with some sort of Gas rather it will turn them gay. According to the idea, the plan was to spread particles that will carry chemicals that will turn the humans into gay. We all know that gay people are extremely disgusting when it comes to battle. Thus it will become easy to remove the enemy.

6. The XM 1063: Non-Lethal Weapons


This is the bomb that actually farts. There will be no splinters, no gunpowder, no sulphur but only chemicals that will stir your nasal glands and make them shut with the disgusting smell that the bomb will produce once it detonates. There has not been any real time uses but it is expected that once this bomb is used the war zone will not be anything less than a stage for a comic performance.

7. The Pain Ray: Non-Lethal Weapons

Active Denial System

The Pain Ray which is better known as the Active Denial System. The weapon uses the radio waves and all the metals that you have had in your diet will turn your body into an antenna. Thus your body will receive the waves and you are supposed to feel an excruciating pain out of nowhere. The system will subject the convicts to these waves for a few seconds and they will not have the strength to bounce back upon the army. With a proper development this can seriously prove to be a worthy non – lethal weapon.

8. The PHASR: Non-Lethal Weapons

Top 10 Non-Lethal Weapons

PHASR is an acronym for Personal Halting and Stimulation Response Rifle. The weapon blinds the person on whom it has been used temporarily. Thus if a man cannot see, you do not expect him to be fighting you around. Thus it becomes easy to catch the person.

9. The Incapacitating Flashlight

The Incapacitating Flashlight

This weapon can also be used to make a person puke if he or she is suffering from indigestion. Ok. Let us keep the jokes apart, this weapon uses a series of LED’s to emit light at different wavelength and for different durations which imparts a nauseating effect on the Human. Just imagine how easy the combat becomes, if your enemy starts puking with a flashlight.

10. The Speech Jammer: Non-Lethal Weapons

The Speech Jammer

This is something that can be effectively used in case of protests. This weapon has been designed by two scientists of Japan, which allows you to retard the speaking abilities of a human. The weapon disturbs the relay system of the brain and the nerves of the mouth.

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