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Top 10 Odd Allergies in Humans

Allergy is something that each and every one of us must have suffered from at some point of our lives. Acts like sneezing, getting an itchy feeling in the eyes, Skin irritation, etc. Are all examples of small cases of allergies. Frankly speaking, being allergic to something is like a loss to certain aspects of… Read More »

Top 10 Lone Survivors of a Plane Crash

It might just sound extremely interesting to you that we are here talking about people who have been the lone survivors of a plane crash, but let me just state the facts that there is really nothing to feel so excited about. But there are certain things that make me proud of these people that… Read More »

Top 10 Bizarre Prehistoric Animals

The first animal that we think about when talking about prehistoric animals may very well be a Tyrannosaurs Rex. But frankly speaking, there are many more animals that can be talked about when we are talking about animals belonging to prehistoric times. In most of the cases, we might just not at all be aware… Read More »

Top 10 Spices of India

There is no doubt of the fact that spices are the entity that has always been the reason for the fame that the land has all over the world. The kind of flavors that the spices of India can lend to a food is absolutely incredible. It has always created stirs in the stomach and… Read More »