Top 10 Unexplained Mysterious Disappearances in the History

By | October 20, 2013

There is no doubt of this straight fact that every year there are many sudden disappearances of a lot of people. Most of these cases are just treated as normal cases of getting missing but the history has also seen its share of unexplained cases of mysterious disappearances of many famous people who should actually have never gone missing.  These are not just case of missing or disappearance but these are the cases that have made the police undertaking the various case searches the whole earth but the missing people were actually never to be found. These cases are still treated as one of the most baffling cases that the respective police departments have ever faced. Here is a list of the Top 10 Unexplained Mysterious disappearances in the History.

1. Harold Holt, 1967

Harold Holt, 1967: Top 10 Unexplained Mysterious Disappearances in the History

This is seriously the most baffling case of a missing person even according to me. The person involved in not just a celebrity or any other famous being but he is the Prime Minister of Australia who went missing in the year 1967. Harold Holt went to swim on a Sunday morning and was never seen off again. Just imagine how many grave the situation was and the whole search operation performed was arguably the best of its kind but nothing was retrieved except for the fact that Harold Holt was not found.

2. John Cabot, 1499

John Cabot

John Cabot was the second European who had set his foot on the lands of North America in the year 1497. He went on another expedition to find a sea route to Asia from Europe but that never completed. The man went missing and nothing was ever again heard from him after the year of 1499. Although there was no sign of any mishap with the ships but still one has to believe that something happened and that is the reason for the sudden disappearance.

3. Raul Wallenberg, 1945

Raul Wallenberg

Not a lot of people have actually heard of Raul Wallenberg who was one of the heroes for the Jews as he himself and that too single handily saved the lives of more than 20000 Jews. The man was deported in prison and the case against him posted by the Soviet government on account for espionage was quite high profile. The Soviets considered him guilty and for the local people he was a hero but he was never heard of after the year of 1947. In the year 2001, the government finally declared Raul to be dead although this has no evidence that he died.

4. Judge Joseph Force Crater, 1930

Judge Joseph Force Crater

This corrupt judge and his girlfriend disappeared during the hearing of a case one morning. The disappearance made the police department look frail miserably and thus they made the largest man hunt of the time but all in vain. Nothing was found of them. Many considered them dead but also considering the links and the good relations that he had with the Mafia many also think that he started a new and wealthy life somewhere else.

5. Charles Nungesser and Francis Coli, 1927

Charles Nungesser and Francis Coli

The year 1927 was one of the great years for the aviation sector. This was the year when Charles Lindberg made it across the whole Atlantic for the first time. But the sad part of the great year is that the aviation sector also lost one of the very best aviator and his navigator. Two days before Lindberg’s flight, Charles Nungesser and his navigator Francis Coli also went on this very journey only to be never found again. Many people believe that they had a crash but no debris was ever found.

 6. Glenn Miller, 1944

Glenn Miller

The missing of Glenn Miller could have made a big news if the Germans would not have launched their last effort to win the war. On the same day, Glenn Miller was travelling to Paris to play but the journey and its travelers never reached the destination. No one knows what happened and because of the war no search was even made. Many people consider it to the biggest loss to the sphere of Jazz music.

7. D. B. Cooper, 1971

D. B. Cooper

D. B. Cooper was the man who had almost achieved the feat of a perfect crime. The man had already collected the ransom and then jumped off from the Boeing at a height of 10000 feet. Although he was prepared completely for the jump but he was never seen of again. He collected a ransom of $200000 and only a meager $5000 was found one day suddenly. What happened to the man or the money is still a mystery to the officials of the Police department.

8. Percy Fawcett, 1925

Percy Fawcett

This mother as well as an archaeologist disappeared along with her son and a friend when she had gone into the forests of Brazil in search for a temple of Gold. Neither the mother nor her son of the friend was ever heard of again. Many explanations can be given for the disappearance but with no actual proof. And that too with the kind of experience that the lady had, some ill fate was a rare possibility.

9. Jimmy Hoffa, 1975

Jimmy Hofa

The man was one of the most corrupt leaders of working union and was worth some hell of a trouble for the authorities. The man went missing in the year 1975 and was never seen of again. It is a very good possibility that he was killed because the last time he was seen he was going to meet some mafias. But the mystery remains in the fact that where did his body go. It was never unearthed and now there were any signs if burning around the area. He simply vanished.

10. Amelia Earhart, 1937

Amelia Earhart

She was one of the best aviators that America ever had. This golden girl went missing when she went on a trip to the Howland Island. The woman along with her navigator was never to be seen again. Many people believe that she died in a crash or the Japanese captured her as a spy from America. Many even believe that she lived her whole tenure of life under any other name in some far away island with her Navigator, Fred Noonan.

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