Top 10 Odd Allergies in Humans

By | November 7, 2013

Allergy is something that each and every one of us must have suffered from at some point of our lives. Acts like sneezing, getting an itchy feeling in the eyes, Skin irritation, etc. Are all examples of small cases of allergies. Frankly speaking, being allergic to something is like a loss to certain aspects of life. A human can get allergic to literally a wide variety of things starting from foods to dusts, etc. One cannot guarantee a complete cure from an allergy but what one can do is to prevent it from disturbing you and your living habits. More often than not we see Humans being allergic to odd things as in the things that they should be accustomed to! Let’s have a look at our compilation of top 10 odd allergies in humans.

1. Wood

Wood Top 10 Odd Allergies in Humans

This is one of the weirdest kind of allergies in humans where somebody is allergic to wood! The allergies related to wood can be so much painful that you can just find it hard to be touching any wooden things like paper, furniture, pencil. The allergy to Sawdust is one of the common wood allergies that are seen in Human beings. Wood allergy makes your skin looks burned and causes skin irritation, Sneezing, etc.

2. Plastic

Plastic allergy

You are living in this 21st Century and then just imagine the case of a person who just simply cannot touch any form of plastic! Yes, this is one of the odd form of allergies in humans beings according to which they are allergic to plastic material of any kind! This rare kind of allergy will cause the skin to burn with irritation and swelling. Having a plastic allergy means literally half the objects of the world must not be touched by that person.

3. Nickel- Nickel Dermatitis

This was an odd allergy in the past but with the advent of more and more electronic gadgets the probability of the allergy has increased and is now occurring in at least 1% – 2% of the world’s population. According to this kind of allergy, you will not be able to come in touch with anything that has nickel in it.  This means that, you will not be able to touch anything that contains metals in it starting from glass, to coins, to utensils, ornaments for women, etc.

4. Caffeine


The allergy that people have with caffeine is quite common among the people nowadays whose reasons are still quite unexplainable to me! But this is one of the most dangerous allergies because of the enormous proportions of effects that this thing can have on your body! A small proportion of Caffeine if gets into the system of a victim, he or she can suffer from a lot of various troubles leading to some deadly occurrences in some cases.

5. Allergy to a Kiss

Allergy to a Kiss

This is something that did get me completely spellbound. How can somebody be allergic to a kiss! This is something that is arguably one of the most passionate things that exist between two lovers but as I said some people are seriously allergic to kissing! Allergy to a kiss is not a case where the other person has something in his tongue but it is a meager case of sharing as that person’s saliva might contain the juices of some food that is allergic to the other one, thus creating the allergy.

6. Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity

This is something that has been seen recently among the people of various ages when they cannot comprehend the presence of a computer or working on it. In this case, the victim suffers from severe headache, itching, etc. Due to the electromagnetic sphere that is being created by the computers. The chemicals used for the making of the monitors play an aggressive role in disturbing the sphere thus creating more trouble.

7. Anaphylaxis- Exercise Allergy

Anaphylaxis- Exercise Allergy

This is one of the weirdest stuffs in the sphere of the allergies that you will see! This might just come off as the excuse given by a lazy person but the existence of the allergy is for real as there are 1000 men who have suffered from this rare form of allergy. This allergy gets revealed when you combine food with exercise. You can eat and exercise separately but when you do it back to back, it will take huge proportions.

8. Cold Allergy

Cold Allergy

I am not referring to the normal sneezing and flowing nose when suffering from cold. This is completely different as a person with the cold allergy starts getting rashes whenever he or she ventures into a cold temperature. These rashes develop in seconds and if not taken care of, they can be very deadly in some cases.

9. Sun – Erythropoietic Protoporphyria

Sun - Erythropoietic Protoporphyria

Have you ever heard that someone is allergic to the Sun? I have not. But eventually there are around 300 people who are allergic to the sun’s rays. It is not they are Vampires. They are perfectly humans but their skin going through certain reaction when the sun’s ray’s fall on them leads to rashes and burn marks, etc. In some cases Sun screen works but in most others the victims are asked to complete cover themselves at any cost.

10. Water Allergy

Water Allergy

As  far as my knowledge goes, there is no doubt that Water is the element that gives life to us and at the same time it covers about 70% of the total mass of the earth. Thus, just think about the people who are allergic to the compound of H2O as they can literally do nothing. Starting from bathing, too drunk to even their sweats cause allergies leading to swelling and rashes.

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