Top 10 Lone Survivors of a Plane Crash

By | October 16, 2013

It might just sound extremely interesting to you that we are here talking about people who have been the lone survivors of a plane crash, but let me just state the facts that there is really nothing to feel so excited about. But there are certain things that make me proud of these people that they did not lose hope or the courage when there was some serious risk on their lives. Here is a list of the top 10 people who have been the lone survivors of a plane crash.

1. Juan Loo

Juan Loo

This man survived a plane crash that took place on 9th of August in the year 1970. The plane was heading off to Lima from Cusco and was carrying students who were a part of the student exchange program initiated by the government of the Unite States of America. The plane carried around 92 passengers and 8 members of the crew and none survived when the plane had a descent and crashed into the hilly regions underneath except for Juan Loo. He was the co – pilot and was found dangerously burnt but still alive in the cockpit.

2. Ruben Van Assow

Ruben Van Assow

This is one of the very recent stories of survival when this lad Ruben Van Assow became the lone survivor in a plane crash that was on its way to Libya from the city of Johannesburg, South Africa. The plane crashed at a distance of about 900 meters from the runway killing all the 93 passengers and 11 members of the crew. The event occurred on 12th May, 2010 on the Afriqiyah Airways flight no. 771.

3. Neil James Campbell

Neil James Campbell

On 22nd of July in the year 1973, a PANAM flight numbered at 816 took off from the city of Auckland to reach Los Angeles. The Boeing 707 started to descend the moment when it reached the maximum altitude of 300feet and crashed into the sea. Only Neil James Campbell survived who was a Canadian citizen but none others survived the crash. Even the bodies of many other people were not even found.

4.  Lt. Edilberto Villar

Lt. Edilberto Villar

This is the story of the night of 8th December, 1987 when a plane carrying the local football team of Alianza Lima who was returning from a group league game. The airline pilot had previously realized that there was something wrong on the plane and asked the ground staffs to clear the way for the landing but in this process, the plane got stuck and crashed into the water. The only survivor was the pilot of the plane itself and it has been rendered that it was his mistake and he is the man responsible for the death of the football players.

5. Isaac Allal

Isaac Allal

This 12 year boy was the only survivor in the plane that crashed in 20th Of November, 1949 when it was flying to the Fornebu Airport of Norway. The flight had around 30 passengers out of which 26 people were Jews. The plane had 5crew members. All died except for little Isaac Allal.

6. George Lamson

George Lamson

This is the story of survival of George Lamson who was on board of The Galaxy Airlines flight no. 203 which took off from an Airport in Reno, Nevada. The plane crashed after having soared in the air for just 1.6 km. The plane crashed in the 21st Of January, 1985. The only survivor was George Lamlsom who got ejected from the plane due to blasts and found himself, landing on the South Virginia Street.

7. Bahia Bakari

Bahia Bakari: Top 10 Lone Survivors of a Plane Crash

This is about the incident on 30th June 2009 when a flight from Yemen numbered at 626 crashed on its way to Moroni from Yemen. The plane carried 152 people and everyone died except for Bahia Bakari, the 12 year old child. The plane crashed into the Indian Ocean instantly killing all the people including Bahia’s mother.

8. Cecelia Cichan

Cecelia Cichan

On 16th Of August in the year 1987, the flight no. 255 of the Northwest airlines crashed into the ground after just rising to a height of 50 meters. The speed of the plane was so great that the whole thing got destroyed in minutes. The plane was carrying 154 passengers and none survived the fate except for the 4 year child named Cecelia Cichan. The child lost both her father and mother in the plane crash.

9. Juliane Koepcke

Juliane Koepcke

This 17 year old girl was in the LANSA flight no. 508 which crashed on the 24th Of December, 1971. The plane was at a height of 21000 feet and suddenly some sort of lightning struck the fuel tank of the plane. The plane started falling through the height. The only survivor was the girl who fell to her seat in the Amazon rainforest. All she had suffered from being a broken collar bone and swollen eye.

10. Vesna Vulovic

Vesna Vulovic

This is the story of the survival of Vesna Vulovic who was on the flight on 26th January, 1972 when the JAT Yugoslav Airlines flight no. 367 had some sort of explosion. The aircraft was at a height of approximately 10000 meters when the crash took place and the girl Vesna Vulovic survived the fall.  She stayed in Coma for about 27 days but survived.

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