Top 10 Unusual Ancient Weapons

By | October 11, 2013

Since the earliest civilizations we, the humans have always had a tendency to get along with the act of expansion of the power that we possess. More often than not the power is shown by expanding the lands under our control. For expansion what we needed was to indulge ourselves in war and win them. But winning the war is not like a piece of a cake. You need to have brave men and weapons to win a war. The most important thing required to win a war is the best weapons to the best of men. But we have seen that many a times, countries have tried to go for some out of the class weapons to distinguish themselves from others. Here in this article I will let you know about the Top 10 Unusual Ancient Weapons.

1. Mere Club

Mere Club

The mere club was a very unusual ancient weapon used by the Maoris of New Zealand. The club has been just about 15 – 20 inches long and was extremely strong. The club was apparently used for the purpose of crushing and trusting instead of the usual swinging hard. The Maoris even believed that the club contained some spirits that protected the owner of the club. As a result the clubs were passed on from one generation to the other generations. The intensity of the belief was such that in case of a misplaced club, the whole clan started looking for the club in order to be returned to the original owner.

2. Hook Swords

Hook Swords

This is arguably one of the most well known but yet for me one of the weirdest unusual ancient weapons ever used. The weapon was mainly found with the Chinese monks who preferred these over conventional swords. The Hook swords could be effectively used in order to hook on the same enemy and the crescent part provided good blocks and aggressive options for the close by enemies. The dagger right behind the crescent part can also be effectively used for the purpose of stabbing on the closer enemies. Frankly speaking, the weapon has a lot of uses, but what is weird to me is that how people use so many things in one go.

3. Kpinga


Just like the name of the weapon in itself is also quite interesting to know about. Kpinga is a weapon that was used by the warriors of the tribe of Azande. The tribe lived in the areas of Sudan and Egypt. The weapon comprised of three blades out of which the blade closest to the hilt of the weapon resembled the genitals of the man. The stronger the blade the stranger was the man when it came to sexual prowess. All this might just sound very interesting but in reality very little is known about the working of the weapon.

4. Macuahuitl


The Macuahuitl is one of those heavy weapons used by the Humans which can do harm in two ways. Firstly it can tear you apart and at the same time the weapon can really shatter your skull into small pieces of pebbles. The weapon was used by the Aztec, who used it to capture the enemies and carry out the dangerous rituals on them. The weapon did not have anything sharp at the tip of its but had 4 – 6 blades strung around the side. These sharp blades would tear you apart and the heavy wood would break your bones and the result will be that you will stay immobile.

5. Scissor


The weapon is one of the weirdest looking unusual ancient weapons of all time but was one of the deadliest weapons that the early Romans ever done. The weapon was used by the gladiators in the ring where they used it to cut each other’s throats without any hesitation. The weapon weighed a just amount of 5 – 7 pounds which made it one of the favorites of the crowd as well as the gladiators. The hardened metal slit the skin of the enemy within a fraction of a second without actually the knowledge of the victim.

6. Chakram


The weapon can be seen effectively in the legendary stories of the Gods and the Goddesses. The weapon was round and made up of sharp edges. The edges were so sharp that the weapon could easily slice off the hands of legs or even the heads of a man in a second. The weapon originated in India and was widely used by the Sikhs. The weapon can also be termed as a distant relative of the Shrunken. The weapon was also used in deadly battles where people wore it in their finger and then used it to kill their enemies.

7. Chu Ko Nu

Chu Ko Nu: Top 10 Unusual Ancient Weapons

This weapon here can be called an ancestor to two weapons; the crossbow and the automatic rifle. The weapon had the capability to shoot arrows automatically. The only thing that the weapon did not have was range and speed. The weapon could only be used in case of close range stealth attacks. The weapon was also very heavy due to the fact that the whole system was made up of wood. The Chu Ko Nu was probably used for the last time in the Sino – Tibetan war in the year of 1894 – 1895.

8. Nest of Bees


What would you call it, the shield for the arrows or fire bombs or both? The nest of Bees is another invention by the Chinese that allows you to fire more than 30 bees at a time and all of them on fire. To add to the brutality, there could be single bees of nest launched after a small amount of time which meant that the enemies would be killed at a rate greater than they thought. Although the name and the look of the weapon is weird but there doesn’t doubt about the fact that the weapon is one of the most deadly weapons of all times.

9. Katar


All the people who have seen Logan Wolverine will know what I am referring to when you will see the Katar. The weapon first originated in India and then was liked by making people across the globe. The weapon actually has three blades which can be activated by pressing a lever; these three deadly sharp weapons could actually tear you apart even without your knowledge. The weapon had the power of destroying everything when it came to close combat.

10. Zhua


This might just look like a hand with big nails for you but frankly speaking this has to the weird looking unusual ancient weapon and yet is deadly enough to kill him or her in seconds. The Zhua looks like a hand with claws which can be used to scratch out some one’s throat or else could actually be used to poison at the top and just that the weapon has to scratch somebody. The weapon was so effective that the enemies even feared scratches that they got during a fight thinking that it was from Zhua as he would not live again.

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