Top 10 Failed Military Inventions

By | September 15, 2013

One must be knowledgeable of the fact that not all military inventions do not click through. More often than not we will find ourselves staring down at inventions that had a great idea behind it but could not succeed due to the lack of practical application. If we look at the basic statistics of the list of military inventions, we will find that there are a lot of failed inventions before one gets in with a proper invention to support the military. Many times people consider these failed inventions to be a complete waste of money but some others have some completely different thoughts. So, Today we are going to enlist up a list of the top 10 failed military inventions.

1. The Corkscrew Tank

 The Corkscrew Tank

The Corkscrew Tank was one of those designs of tank that was created by the Russians in order to design a weapon that can roll through the thick sheets of Ice and snow which constitutes most of the Russia. The Corkscrew Tank could exactly do the so but the feature that the Tank could not move on normal lands made it unusable.

2. The One Wheel Tank or the Ball Tank

The One Wheel Tank or the Ball Tank

The feat of creating this weapon goes to the Germans. The weapon was designed in such a way that it had two machine guns mounted on it and they could be controlled by one single man. But the weapon had a lot of problems like changing direction was very difficult and many other reasons. As a result of which the weapon never really came out of the prototype zone.

3. The Scooter Mounted Cannon

The Scooter Mounted Cannon

The weapon is exactly what the name means. Cannon mounted on a scooter. The weapon was invented by the French army during the Vietnam War, which was supposedly used by the French Army. But the weapon was very soon put not in use because of the lack of simple protection it gave and more often than not, the scooter could not take on the heavy recoil of the cannon.

4. The Focke Wulf Triebfluegel

The Focke Wulf Triebfluegel

There is no doubt of the fact that the German were seriously intelligent. The point where the world was looking to add speed to the flying machines, they had already added Ramjet rockets to their wings. This did give the machine speed but it lacked control while landing which made it of no use to the humans.

5. The Puckle Gun

The Puckle Gun: Top 10 Failed Military Inventions

James Puckle said that he had created a good defense gun but others termed it as the Puckle Gun. According to the many analysts, the Puckle Gun could have done much better because as per the main design, the gun had the ability to shoot 63 shots in 7 min which meant 9 shots in one minute compared to the 3 shot muskets of the normal army. The weapon failed because of one single reason i.e. The English blacksmiths could not handle complex designs.

6. Cybernetic Walking Machine

Cybernetic Walking Machine

This is seriously like one of those Transformers that we have seen in the film: Transformers. But the Robot was created in the year 1968 in order to carry weapons for the army in the worst terrains of the world. But sadly the machine was never produced due to many reasons. The main reasons behind the disposal where the weight and the ever slow speed of 5 miles per hour for a machine.

7. Russian Tsar Tank

Russian Tsar Tank

This might just look like a huge tricycle for you but the matter of fact is that it is a tank that was designed by Russia. The tank never really made its way out of the testing stage because of the miscalculations that it was regarded the tires and the weight.

8. Charles De Gaulle

Charles De Gaulle

This was supposed to the best military creation of the century as the French thought that this aircraft carrier would change the way war is fought in the present days. The vessel was powered by Nuclear reaction but did not help the cause. The weight of the vessel was too much and it was slower than the other counterparts which run on steam.

9. The Rocket Belt

The Rocket Belt

The rocket belt is arguably one of the most adventurous inventions by the War scientists. The first of the rocket belts was designed in the 1960’s. Although the test flight was successful but the range of the machine was not enough. Thus there was no use of it in the army and was eventually discarded.

10. The Flying Aircraft carrier

The Flying Aircraft carrier

There were actually two of these kinds of ships that were used to carry aircrafts from one place to another. The two ships were USS Macon and USS Akron. The vessel crashed due to some storms and then it was realized that the aircraft was too heavy and big to be used in critical areas. Thus the manufacture was eventually stopped.

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