Top 10 Incredibly Isolated Monasteries

By | January 26, 2014

More often than not, we will find people staring down the sky in order to seek some peace from it. Well, if you are looking at the heavens to help you then there are much more isolated places on this very earth to help you to concentrate. This is a very well known fact that most of the monasteries are located in places that are separated from the hustle and bustle of the city life. This is the reason why the people find peace there are feeling refreshed! Well, if you are talking of isolated monasteries, then let me tell you that there are incredibly isolated monasteries that will leave you spellbound!

1. The Monastery of Ostrog, Montenegro

 The Monastery of Ostrog, Montenegro

It is the most mainstream pilgrimage sites in Montenegro and many individuals visit every year. Established by Vasilije, the Metropolitan Bishop of Herzegovina in the seventeenth century, the decision is worshipped here, in the cavernous temple. This Serbian Orthodox Church could be discovered high up on the rock face of Ostroška Greda-cut out of the stone. One of the explanations behind the expansive measure of visits is that numerous people of the country and the world believe that praying close to the collection of Vasilije can cure one’s illnesses.

2. Meteora, Greece

Meteora, Greece: Top 10 Incredibly Isolated Monasteries

This Eastern Orthodox religious community is a UNESCO World Heritage site with maybe the best causal story of the part. According to the Tales, it that the author of the religious community, St. Athanasius, did not have to climb the rock faces to plank his religious marks. This feat was rather achieved by a falcon that did this toiling work of carrying him up to the marks every time. It was long after that, steps were cut for the normal people to reach the shrine!

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3. Buddhist Monastery of Ki, India

Buddhist Monastery of Ki, India

Let us be very sure that this is one of the best monasteries in accordance with the topic of peace, which I was talking about earlier. This monastery is a heritage of the Tibetan Culture and now is one of the most important parts of the Northern Indian Culture as well. This monastery is located at a height of approximately about 13500+ feet! You will find a lot of Lamas here, if you decide to pay a visit to this exquisite monastery in India!

4. Kozheozersky Monastery, Russia

Kozheozersky Monastery, Russia

The Kozheozersky Monastery established in the 1500s, which is one of the toughest monasteries to reach in the world. The Kozheozersky Monastery is an Orthodox cloister spotted close to the Lake Kozhozero, in the northwestern part of Russia, which a standout amongst the most remote mountain ranges on the planet Earth. The journey to the monastery is nothing less than an expedition. Not a lot of people have tried to take on this journey. Most of the expedition has been led by trained mountain climbers! This place is literally cut off from the rest of the world as it has no means of telecommunications! Not even, the best mobile company will be able to provide you with a connection!

5. Phugtal Gompa, India

Phugtal Gompa, India: Top 10 Incredibly Isolated Monasteries

Phugtal Gompa is yet another monastery that adds another feather to the crown of India when it comes to have monasteries at difficult locations. The monastery is located in the rough regions of the Himalayan Mountain range and is located on the cliff of a mountain. The whole monastery is literally carved out of a cliff in the mountain range. The structure is so huge that all you will be able to feel at the look of it is simply awe! Phugtal Gompa is the home to an approximate number of 70 monks.

6. Paro Taktsang Monastery, Bhutan

Paro Taktsang Monastery, Bhutan

The legend says that Guru Rinpoche, the second Buddha, was in contact on the precipice on the cover of an incredible tigress, before bouncing off his surprising mount and wandering off to uncover a hole to ponder on; a give in that can now be discovered inside the cloister dividers.”The Tiger’s Nest” Monastery hangs in a critical way off the side of a 3,000 – meter precipice in Paro Valley, Bhutan in the Himalayas. The Monastery was built in the year 1692 and remodeled in 1998; the religious community is a strictly honing. This place does not allow the entry of any visitors!

7. Xuan Kong Monastery, China

Xuan Kong Monastery, China

In China’s Shanxi region, the Xuan Kong Monastery is considered the “The Hanging Temple.” This cloister is dependent upon a bluff disregarding the close – by Mount Heng. At the outset, look, this monastery, backed by meager looking stilts, which will give you the impression that a sudden gust of wind will bring this place down, however it has survived numerous tremors throughout the years. This place was built about 1400 years ago and is still standing strong! There are many rooms in the monastery, which are cut out of the rock!

8. Sumela Monastery, Turkey

Sumela Monastery, Turkey

The Sümela monastery houses a couple of churches, a kitchen, and the Rock Church. Sümela is a 1,600 year old Orthodox cloister, built on rocks arrived at by a long winding stone stairway through a close-by woods, found 1,200 meters up a bluff in Turkey’s Altindere Valley. Authoritatively deserted in the 1920s, the cloister now goes about as a display center and prevalent vacation spot. Nevertheless, in 2010, an Orthodox Mass was directed despite any precedent to the contrary, since it was closed! Presently, the place is a place for worship as well as for the tourists to enjoy the magnificent architecture!

9. Popa Taungkalat Monastery, Myanmar

Popa Taungkalat Monastery, Myanmar

The Popa Taungkalat Monastery is probably the highest and the most dangerously placed monastery of the world. The Monastery is on the top of a Volcano and at the same time, is a part of a cliff! The Popa Taungkalat Monastery is not at all the place that a weak hearted person would like to go! The height and the location are such that you will be able to watch yourself walking through the clouds when climbing up the 777 steps to the top!

10. St. George Monastery, Israel

St. George Monastery, Israel

The St. George Monastery is found in the West Bank of the Palestinian regions, the St. George Monastery is an alternate of the aforementioned religious communities you would not have any desire to be visiting even in your dreams. In any case, the religious community has not dependably been tranquil. Soon after it was assembled, Persian bandits passed through the valley and executed every one of the 14 monks living in the religious community. The remains of the bones and the skulls can still be seen in the rock walls of the monastery!

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