Top 10 Most Shocking Medical Stories

By | October 31, 2013

Since the dawn of the earliest human civilizations we have seen many instances when the normal people had left all the expectations but something happened that left the eyes and mouths of everybody open.  This is literally what we term as miracles. In the human medical history, we have seen many such miracles wherein people have survived from certain deaths and have made us ponder in amazement. To add to the worse part, there are also scenarios where you find yourself staring down at something that you wished did not happen. Here are the top 10 most shocking medical stories.

1. Polish rail worker wakes up from coma after 19 long years

Polish Railroad Worker

This incident happened during the 1980 when the regime of communism was coming to an end in the world. It was during this time that a polish worker had an accident and the doctors said that he had gone into a comma. The doctors had not expected him to live for more than 3 years but the man survived for 19 long years and woke up in a Poland that had changed completely. Communism was gone and had been replaced by democracy.

2. The Werewolf Syndrome

the werewolf syndrome

Just imagine a scenario when a child has the capability of dong each and everything that another child does but the protagonist suffers from a typically rare disease due to which the child had excessive hair growth on all over his body. The child looks like a wolf with long brown hairs growing from everywhere. Two known people suffering from this disease are Prithviraj Patil, an Indian and Supatra Sasuphan, a girl from Thailand. This is arguably one of the most tragic medical stories.

3. A human Body that conducts electricity

A human Body that conducts electricity

The case what I am talking about is about a human who can actually survive electrical shocks that can amount up to thousands of volts. Previously many people have tried to create this illusion but this is no deception of any case. The man, Jose Rafael Marquez Ayala can burn down the paper with his own touch. He will touch any wire when and where you want him to. This is something that of true can very well be the most shocking medical story of human history.

4. A miraculous recovery after a 47 story fall

A miraculous recovery

This is the story of two brothers, Alcides and Edgar who were working on the 47 floor of a building in New York cleaning the window panes when both of them fell from there. Although Edgar could not survive the fall, but Alcides Moreno in spite of the many breaks and surgeries that he had to go through, he survived and is living a healthy life at present. Alcides Moreno says that he still feels the fall that he had on that day.

5. Teen Survives 118 days without a Heart

teen survives 118 days without a heart

This story may very well surpass all the other medical stories when you will come to know that a small girl named D’zhana Simmons of South Carolina survived around 118 days of her life without a heart. She was suffering from dilated cardiomyopathy due to which her heart had to be replaced and during this duration of replacement which was approximately around 118 days, the girl did all the normal stuffs as an artificial instrument went on pumping blood in her body.

6. A life without pain

A life without pain

The title might just be very interesting to you but the condition of a human who does not have the ability to feel pain is literally devastation. The disease is known as congenital insensitivity to pain with anhidrosis due to which the patient looses all the senses related to pain, heat and cold. There are around an approximate number of a 100 cases where patients suffer from CIPA. The main trouble that a person has with this disease is that the defense mechanism breaks down completely as you will not feel the pain itself which stimulates the defense system.

7. Water Allergy

Water Allergy

Just imagine the scenario where you find that you are allergic to the water that you are drinking. That will be absolutely devastating for you undoubtedly. Now just think of the cases where there are families who are unable to drink water or bath or do anything with it. There are allergic to the compound H2O. There are only 30-40 cases of the diseases registered till date. Two known personalities with this disease are Ashleigh Morris of Australia and Michaela Dutton of England.

8. The Family that couldn’t Sleep

the family that couldn't sleep

Probably this is one of the things that you would only relate to vampires. But let me tell you the fact that there are some cases in the humans as well according to which, people cannot sleep at all. The disease is termed as Fatal Familial Insomnia. This is a hereditary disease which can lie dormant for even more that 10 generations. The disease does not affect all the people of a generation but only one and Cheryl Dinges is one such example of the bad luck. This happens due to the mutations of a protein called PrPSc.

9. Butterfly Children

Butterfly Children: Top 10 Most Shocking Medical Stories

This is a disease where are the people born with this have extremely fragile skin tissues just like a butterfly. The disease is termed as Epidermolysis bullosa which is also a rare genetic disease found in the genes of some unlucky people. Sarah Thurmond and Joshua Thurmond suffered from this rare disease. Joshua suffers from a more severe version of the disease but it was Sarah who died in the year 2009 at a meager age of 20.

10. Giving birth to a stone baby

Giving birth to a stone baby

This can actually be the worst experience of the life of a mother when she comes to know that she has given birth to a dead child. The case is even worse when the person has given birth to a child who is like a stone. In the year 1955, a Moroccan woman was expecting a baby. With the fear of the labor pain and delivery surgery the woman fled away. At the due time the child stopped moving. Later at the age of 75 years, the woman felt the same pains again only to find that the baby inside her had turned into a stone and the most interesting part is the fat woman’s body had actually shown no negative response.

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