Top 10 Strangest Natural Phenomena

By | November 13, 2013

There is no doubt of the fact that the Earth is the most beautiful thing that one can see in a lifetime, but at the same time there are certain things that are more quite amazing to witness with one’s own eyes. There are many strange natural Phenomena that occur all around us.  There some that we notice and some that go by unnoticed. But still till the moment you get time to be a part of the best things, be a part of it. Here we are going to share some of the strangest natural phenomena of the world.

1. Volcanic Lightning:

Volcanic Lightning

These volcanoes are such stuffs that they can amaze you even with the disastrous things that they do. Such an example is the lightning that occurs in a volcano when it is at the peak of erupting hot lava. This is more like a lightning storm that is not in the skies but inside the hot chambers of the volcano. Although there is not an exact explanation for this natural phenomena but many scientists think that this is because of the fact that the intense heat ionizes the air to produce electricity.

2. Brinicles:


The point when the surface of the ocean stops, for example around the north and south posts it does so in a manner that constrains pockets of particularly frosty and salty seawater to assemble on the underside of the ice. This mixture of saline solution is denser than the sea water underneath it, and thus it has a tendency to gradually sink to the lower part. Right away, in light of the fact that it’s so frosty, the fresher water underneath the brackish water really solidifies around it as it falls, which brings about a mammoth icicle under the surface.

3. Penitentes:


They are basically flat stretches of ice under water as we have it on the mountains! These spiky fields of ice are called Penitentes, and every singular shard might be dependent upon a whopping 13 feet high. These threatening snow structures are framed in high-elevation territories with low moistness, for example the icy masses of the Andes Mountains. Assuming that the conditions are correct, the sun’s flashes are hot to the point that they can really sublimate fields of snow-implying that the solidified water vaporizes while never turning into a fluid.

4. Fire Rainbows:

Fire Rainbow

They just happen when the sun is no less than 58 degrees above the skyline, when there are cirrus mists in the skies that are loaded with plate-molded ice precious stones. The refraction of light is dependably parallel to the skyline, and in light of the fact that the bends are so enormous, just areas of them are ever normally seen—which is the reason it can resemble certain patches of cloud are ablaze .

5. Super Cells:

Super Cells

On the off chance that it would have done well to be specified, Super Cells are the most unsafe of the four major storm sorts, notwithstanding being the scariest to take a gander at. Provided that Superman is essentially a stronger, more flight-empowered form of a consistent man, then a Super Cell is fundamentally a stronger, more tornado-empowered form of a general storm cell.

6. Sundogs:


Sun dogs could be distinguished by the two unique brilliant spots on either side of the corona if these blips are splendid enough, it can even look like there are three suns in the sky, all side by side. Like fiery breakout rainbows, sun dogs are enormous coronas in the sky as a consequence of light refraction—however thus, they seem to really surround the sun. Furthermore, the great news is that this happens constantly, everywhere throughout the planet, so you’ll have the ability to begin seeing them provided that you look nearly enough.

7. Water Spouts:

Water Spouts

Waterspouts are precisely what they look like and precisely as unbelievable as they sound: they are tornadoes that are formed over water. Due to this, they don’t represent a major danger unless you happen to be in a vessel yet assuming that you are, then keep an eye out, since these things can accomplish speeds of up to 190 miles (305 kilometers) for every hour. Although one of the most awe inspiring sights, but can tear you apart in seconds!

8. Snow Donuts:

Snow Donuts

The imperative thing, the incredible thing is that nature has its own specific method for moving snowballs: snow donuts. These uncommon shapes are formed under immaculate temperature conditions just when a mass of snow either falls or is passed up the wind. Assuming that it devises a workable plan to get on to some other snow, and gravity or the wind is in its support, then the new snowball will roll itself in literally the same way we all used to.

9. Columnar Basalt:

Columnar Basalt: Top 10 Strangest Natural Phenomenons

Sometime or another in time, basalt took a gander at itself in the mirror and understood that provided that it at any point needed to be recognized by the cool kids in nature , it might need to venture up its diversion. Along these lines, much as the disagreeable young lady who is subtly ravishing when she takes her glasses off, basalt demonstrated the planet what it was fitting for by organizing itself into segments.

10. Frost Flowers:

Frost Flowers: Top 10 Strangest Natural Phenomena

This is truly the strangest natural phenomena we can think of, When the temperature outside the plant is underneath frosty and the temperature inside them is not, then water is pulled to the surface in a methodology comparative to transpire. This expedites a delicate chain of ice being pushed outward, which winds up framing sprawling, sensitive developments. More faultlessly, ice blossoms are not at all like that, so how about we put it actually rather: they’re developments of ice particles around the base of certain plants and sorts of charm.

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