Top 10 Most Extremely Bizarre Phobias

By | November 28, 2013

We are the Humans and we are prone to fear. What makes us much different from other animals is the fact that we tend to work towards eradicating those fears. But then again we are humans and thus we are susceptible to some bizarre kind of fears that we term as Phobias in medical science language! In history, we have already seen many people suffering from different kinds of extremely bizarre phobias. Although there are no literal cures for them, but one might find it interesting to study about them!

1. Agyrophobia: The Fear of Crossing Streets


Just imagine a situation when a person who works at a big multinational company and does not feel confident enough to cross the roads by themselves. Yes, this is not a joke. Certain situations do arrive in the life of some people when they tend to fall in fear of crossing a road with heavy vehicle traffic. This is one of the most unnatural phobias of the world and yet a certain number of people suffer from it. The Fear of crossing the roads is more often than not confused with the fear of cars. Both of them are completely different and Agyrophobia is much more bizarre Phobia under some circumstances.

2. Mageirocophobia: The Fear of Cooking


Have you ever heard that somebody is fear of eating! Well I have not heard of such a person but there do exist, a few people who can surely eat well enough but find it a fearful act when somebody asks them to cook something. This fear might just sound a little bit weird to you but this has quite some serious effects. This thing is highly dangerous as a fear for people who live alone. Daily food from the streets can lead to a certain number of troubles and in overall; this bizarre fear can create a lot of trouble.

3. Pediophobia: The fear of Dolls


Pediophobia is the fear of dolls. Let us just get the basics clear about the fear itself. This fear is not just about the dolls that have a scary look. Pediophobia effects are created by all kinds of dolls. The horror is due to the human like features that the dolls house but at the same time, the non – human features are also of great importance for the subject as well. The issue was described by Mr. Sigmund Freud when he said that it is the similar looks that the dolls and we the humans have is the root reason for the confusion. There are many physical similarities and at the same time, there is no life in the dolls, which make all the difference.

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4. Deipnophobia: The fear of having a dinnertime conversation


Have you ever felt that you are a part of an awkward conversation group? Have you ever felt all these things when you are a part of a dining group? If this is quite a frequent experience of yours, then I am quite sorry to say that you might just very well be suffering from Deipnophobia! This bizarre fear is found among men to be more general. The people generally fear that they will fall into false situations if they talk during these times. Thus, most of the people suffering from this disease look to avoid dining sessions!

5. Eisoptrophobia: The Fear of Mirrors


Eisoptrophobia is more commonly known as the fear of Mirrors. This is a bizarre one but it is also one of the most dangerous fear of all. The main center of the fear revolves around mirrors. The people tend to think that there is a completely different person on the other side of the mirror. Many people have given many reasons for this fear. Many people believe that the mirror often turn out to be gateways to the demon world and the main fear is for the demons. People suffering from Eisoptrophobia tend to break glasses and avoid looking into them as well.

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6. Demonophobia: The Fear of Demons


Demonophobia is the fear of a being that is big ruthless and comes straight from the hell. This is fear that involves the existence of evil beings and people who suffer from this tend to have quite a miserable life. This is quite a bizarre fear to have but if you have it, you are very well similar to a dead person. People suffering from Demonophobia tend to believe that there is some evil lurking here and there all the time. There is a certain feeling of misery and wrong doings whenever you get in company with such people.

7. Pentheraphobia: The fear of Mother-in-law


This is probably one of the most Extremely Bizarre Phobias where one is fearful of his Mother – in – law. Such situations arrive in the lives of many people that they wish they could have stuffed something into his Mother – in – law’s mouth but some people suffer from this fear. The fact that the Mother – in – law will say something or do something creates all the doubts and the fear of that person!

8. Arachibutyrophobia: The Fear of Peanut Butter Sticking to the Roof of your Mouth while eating

Fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth. This one was too funny to pass up! For ODC, Phobia

I will not say anything particularly about this fear. How can a person be fearful of peanut butter! Probably, this is one of the best things that one loves to eat and the case is stronger in the case of children but the interesting fact that children are the ones who suffer from this bizarre fear in the majority. The children tend to believe that the Peanut will stick to their mouth and they will never be able to get rid of them. They suffer from panic attacks and feel uneasy on sight of peanut butter.

9. Cathisophobia: The fear of sitting


Just imagine that you cannot sit properly as it gives you a feeling of anxiety and impatience. According to the psychologists, this is the effect of some kind of trauma that someone has gone through previously and cannot forget the fact. This thing is more common in children who tend to fear that something wrong will happen if they sit down.

10. Automatonophobia: Fear of the Dummy of a Ventriloquist

Automatonophobia Top 10 Most Extremely Bizarre Phobias

 This might sound bizarre to some people and at the same time, this might just be logical to someone as well. Frankly speaking, everyone must have felt the eeriness of the doll of a ventriloquist. The way it behaves like a human and talks and gets the words out of its mouth is in itself quite interesting and at the same time, it is fearful act to some people. Although it is bizarre fear of some people but it is the fear of someone and a quite nasty fear.

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