Top 10 Drunk College Foods of America

By | December 1, 2013

With the coming in March and the college session ending it is high time that the students of the various colleges of America get into the act of getting high. This is very much like the routine of every year that the students at this time of the year find the NBA and the act of getting drunk as the two possibly best jobs of their life. This is the routine with every student of the various universities of America. They will spend the time of this holiday season drinking, eating and watching TV. Nevertheless, one of the interesting facts about this virtual event is that there is a special dish of every college and they are famous like hell on the campus during this period.

1. Mac ‘n Cheese Pizza: University of Wisconsin

Well this is arguably one of the most famous foods of any colleges. The Pizza is rather common when it is about the number of people liking but what makes the Mac ‘n Cheese Pizza famous and a special drunk food of a college is the fact that this type of Pizza is only found in Wisconsin. The extra cheese, the size of the Pizza and the meltdown is all what makes the Mac ‘n Cheese Pizza one of the very best in the business!

2. Fat Darell: Rutgers

Fat Darell: Top 10 Drunk College Foods of America

The Fat Durrell is a kind of sandwich or a hamburger, which can be of greater confusion once you get down having it. The confusion is much greater when you are having the Fat Durrell for the very first time. However, if you ask any student from Rutgers, the person will say that it is the best – drunk food of the world. The combination of Chicken fingers, Mozzarella strips and French fries can be a deadly combination. The eatable is famous all over Rutgers and is the major food of all the students of Rutgers during this time.

3. The Duane Purvis All-American: Purdue

The Duane Purvis All-American

This is another Sandwich, which is the mixture of many other food items as well. The people of America might very well not know the name of the Right Back after whom the food is named but if you go and ask any American of Purdue, he or she will surely know the food and tend to admsire it. A very fact is that in order to admire it there are two requirements: Either you need to be in love with Elvis Presley or you need to be completely drunk. Else, you will not be able to understand the combination of the things that are inside the Duane Purvis All-American.

4. Filiberto’s Carne Asada Burrito: University of San Diego

Filiberto’s Carne Asada Burrito is the food of the revenge and humiliation that one had to suffer. The exact story of the happenings is not known to anyone. However, one can surely say that the title of the biggest dance group was taken away that year. In addition, in lieu of that event, every year the students of the University of San Diego make sure that they go through this Steak and the wrapping, just in order to keep in mind the humiliation and in turn get drunk on the night!

5. The South Side Slope: University of Pittsburgh

The South Side Slope

I seriously do not have any idea of what this thing is actually and what actually this thing is so famous all about! There is a sandwich with some vegetables and some sausage. Along with the burger come some rounded pieces of Potato fry and some red kind of a sauce. Although there is nothing that is not so very much special in it but still the students of the University of Pittsburg find this as extremely interesting and rate this as one of the best – drunk college foods.

6. The Super Taco Cuban Torta: Clemson

The Super Taco Cuban Torta

Well for the people who are not having the greatest knowledge of the Cuban Foods, let me inform you that Taco is Cuban sandwich, which is extremely famous food in America. Nevertheless, the Super Taco Cuban Torta is famous at the Clemson as one of the top Drunk Colleges of the college. Most of the people of America believe in the fact that a Taco combined with a taste of cold drink or better a beer can just get you down to a completely different world.

7. Something Different: Long Island University at Brooklyn

Something Different

Probably the name suits the food team just perfectly well. Something Different has been just another slice of Potatoes with some amount of mashed beef in it. The other things that add to the cart are some kind of a red sauce and some mashed substance. Maybe something different does not sound good to give a try but believe me according to the students of Long Island University at Brooklyn this is the best and the cutest drunk food that one can ever have.

8. Lothlorien Food Orgy: University of California

Lothlorien Food Orgy California

This is not actually about some specific kind of a food. This is kind of a night when there is just one aim. Get drunk and help others to eat. This is the rule at the Lothlorien Food Orgy where you just cannot eat on your own. All you must do is get down to the party, get yourself drunk, and eat from the hands of others. This is possibly the best way to eat and drink together.

9. Jumbo Slice: Georgetown/American University

Jumbo Slice

Frankly speaking, I find the Americans a bit too fussed about the Pizza stuff. The jumbo Pizza is yet another addition to the list of the various kinds of Pizza that they eat. This Jumbo piece of Pizza is big and Cheesier and tasty to eat. There is no doubt in the reasons, which makes this as the top drunk college food of the Georgetown / American University.

10. The Luther Burger: University of Georgia

The Luther Burger

The Burger is famous among the students of the University of Georgia as they make their way to the southern part of Atlanta just in order to get the taste of this wonderful burger. The main rule behind the creation of this wonderful burger is the fact that it accumulates any and everything that’s tasty.  The students of the University of Georgia consider this as their top drunk food.

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