Top 10 Foods Only Australia Could Have Invented

By | November 28, 2013

We all know the popular phrase PEOPLE EAT FOOD TO LIVE but to me this phrased has changed to some extent and the new version is PEOPLE LIVE TO HAVE FOOD. Every country is famous for their exceptional things. Here in this article we are dealing with foods. America and Australia compete with each in their field of food categories. While America holds 11 ranks on the list of World’s Fattest Nation, Australia is also one of the World’s Fattest Nation and 36.2% Australian adult are fat. Here we are going to discuss about the top 10 foods only Australia could have invented.

1. Australian Hamburger

Australian Hamburger

Do not think much looking at the word “Australian Hamburger”. I did not say that Australia has invented Hamburger but yes, Australia has given Hamburger a new looked. It is one of the special treats for the Australian in the time of summer. It is served in almost every popular place (pubs, fish and chip shops, and restaurants) around the country. It contains juicy beef patty with cheese, a piece of tomato, sliced canned beet-root, onions, lettuce, bacon and egg, slice of pineapple is also used at the time of summer.

2. Burger Rings

Burger Rings

Like every fellow citizens, Australians also love snacks. In Australia, you may not get one or two burgers at a time but you will obviously get a bag full of burgers, like in India, we can grab a bag of potatoes. Yes, Burger ring is somewhat same like that only. The difference is Burger Ring is the beef snack rings. Not only in Australia but also in New Zealand you will find this. In Australia, Burger Rings are available in different multi packs that are available in completely different weights according to the needs of the people who wish to buy it!

3. Chiko Roll

Chiko Roll: Top 10 Foods Only Australia Could Have Invented

It is actually inspired by the Chinese egg roll and spring roll. From the heading, you can guess that it is a chicken roll and your guess is correct. In Australia, it is popularly known as chicken roll. In the football field, we can obviously find it. It is prepared in such a way that an adult as a meal can take it. It consists of chopped meat, celery, carrot, onion, green beans, cabbage, barley, rice, and spices. It was modeled in Chop Suey Roll of Asian competitor. It is portrayed as an Australian cultural icon. About 17 million people have this roll per annum.

4. Bacon and egg pie

Bacon and egg pie

Australians love to consume any dish prepared with meat. It is said that meat pie is the national dish of Australia. There is no special meat for this item; it can be crumbled beef, lamb, and even steak. Not only in Australia but also the countries, formally ruled by Britain prefer meat items. It consists of puffed pastry, roughly chopped bacon, eggs, peas, milk, cheese, sliced tomato. The Bacon and the egg pie are one of the most common foods for the breakfast that the people of Australia prefer to have!

5. Potato cakes

Potato cake

Potato scallops start for focal England.  Elegantly understanding that a plate of browned fish sticks and French fries simply is not generous enough for numerous individuals, numerous shippers here serve their fish with potato cakes. The potato cake is otherwise called a potato scallop in Western Australia, and both “potato scallop” and “potato misuse” are utilized within Queensland. This variant is regularly a thick cut of the potato, dunked in player and browned, with no extra enhancing included with the exception of salt and vinegar.

6. Boston Bun

Boston Bun

This is one of the food items of Australia with mysteriously. From the name, you can hardly identify anything more than “Bun” and get confused with “Boston”. Now, let me clear your confusion. It is a bulky spiced bun with a layer of coconut icing. You can hardly find any other food with so much coconut icing. It is also found in New Zealand. I can tell you are eager to know it is origin but I am sorry it is still not known to anyone. It sieved potato and in some buns, raisins are found. It is often served with a cup of tea.

7. Pavlova


It is a meringue treat with a fresh covering and delicate, light inside. The pastry is a prevalent dish and an imperative part of the national cooking of both nations, and with its basic formula, is much of the time served throughout celebratory and occasion suppers. It is a pastry most related to the mid year, however is consumed lasting through the year in numerous Australian homes. Pavlov is made by beating egg whites to an exceptionally firm consistency before collapsing in caster sugar, white vinegar, cornflour, and in some cases vanilla quintessence, and moderate heating the mixture, comparatively to meringue.

8. Dagwood Dog

Dagwood Dog

The origin of Dagwood Dog is in The United States Of America. It is basically a hot dog covered with a deep layer of cornmeal-based batter or wheat-based batter .It is given on a wooden stick. It is also popular in Argentina known as panchukers, Japan (katakana), Canada (pogo sticks). Like Australian Hamburger; you will also find Dagwood Dog at the summer festival of Australia. It is also known as Pluto Pups in some regions of Australia.

9. Vegemite

Vegemite: Top 10 Foods Only Australia Could Have Invented

Vegemite is dim tong Australian nutrition stick produced out of remaining brewer’s yeast remove with different vegetable and zest added substances advanced by Cyril P. Vegemite is salty, marginally astringent and malty, and rich in yummy – comparable to hamburger bouillon. The surface is smooth and the item is sticky. A normal strategy for consuming Vegemite is on toasted bread with one layer of margarine or margarine before spreading a slight layer of Vegemite. A Vegemite sandwich might comprise of two cuts of buttered bread, Vegemite and cheddar, yet different fixings such as lettuce, avocado, and tomato could be included too. Vegemite might be utilized as a filling for cakes.

10. Pie floater

Pie floater

It generally comprises of a customary Australian-style meat pie.  It is typically decorated with tomato sauce, and the buyer might additionally include mint sauce, salt, pepper, and malt vinegar. The pie floater is generally acquired on the road from pie-trucks as a late night time supper. The pie floater is discovered in the road from pie-trucks as a late nighttime feast. As the traffic became busy and on-road auto stopping popular; the trucks developed to have one window on “the trail side”, and were moved into position after evening top hour activity had flown away. They work together until late nighttime or unanticipated morning, after which they were coming back to their daytime space areas.

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