Top 10 Most Dangerous Computer Viruses

By | February 9, 2017

The term computer virus is a software program which infects other computer programs by modifying them. It executes automatically while connected to a computer and replicates by reproducing itself. These dangerous computer viruses are capable of transmitting themselves across network and bypassing security systems. Currently computer viruses are causing billions of dollars damage by causing system failure, corrupting data or increasing maintenance cost etc.

In this constantly connected world, virus can travel through one computer to another via numerous modes. It can spread through e-mails, internet file downloads USB devices etc. To protect your computer from virus, you should follow some basic precautions. Never download emails and computer programs from websites you don’t trust. Various antivirus companies are providing security programs to defend computers from viruses. These security programs scan online and offline threats automatically and also warns you for upcoming risks. It is very important to update the antivirus programs with new database. Because different type viruses are being launched everyday with their distinctive properties to infect system files. The most dangerous computer viruses list is mentioned below which affected the whole cyber space very badly.

Dangerous Computer Viruses

Top 10 most Dangerous Computer Viruses are:-

  • Storm Worm

This virus had infected computers through emails in 2006. It tricked the victims in to clicking the fake links in an e-mail which contains virus. This program could easily turn any PC in to botnet. It was estimated that over 10 million PCs were infected with this virus in 2006-2007.

  • Melissa

This computer virus was founded in 19999 and was named after a Florida dancer. It is also an email attachment program which gets activated in the moment when you open the mail. It replicates and sends same messages to your top 50 email contacts automatically.

  • CIH

CIH or Chernobyl is one of the very dangerous computer viruses originated from Taiwan. The virus destroys and corrupts your computer data after being activated. Windows 98 and 95 systems were very badly affected by this virus . You need to reprogram the BIOS chip completely to get rid of this virus.

This virus was made on the name of famous tennis star Anna.  This virus comes through infected emails. When you open the mail, the virus gets forwarded to all the contacts present in address book.

  • Conficker Virus

A computer virus called conficker infected 15 million windows based computers in 2009 using a patched window flaw. Detecting this type dangerous computer viruses is impossible without updating antivirus database. It might spread via hard disks, USB or smart phones.

Conflicker has assembled an army which has potential to steal every sensitive data from computer.

This virus was introduced first of all in 2001. It was detected by a digital security company’s employees.  The virus is fully automated which didn’t even require you to open the mail. It only needs a working internet connection to infect the web pages you open in the browser.


This trickiest and dangerous computer virus was found in Philippine on 4 may 2000. It comes through email with a lable of I Love You Word. People open it curiously and got infected. This virus emails itself to first 50 contacts of your mail id and also infects the multimedia present on your computer system.

  • Beast Torjan Horse

It is a silent virus which does not harms until you execute it. however it is silent, but it comes in the list of most dangerous computer viruses. The reverse connection capability of this virus enables someone to access your file manager, web cam or documents once executed.

This computer virus is smart enough to send itself with different subject, text and attachment in emails. It has the capability to discontinue or delete the antivirus program so that you cannot use it next time.

  • My Doom

My doom is reported among the most dangerous computer viruses of all the time. It rapidly infected more than 2 million computers after releasing on 26 January 2004. It transmitted itself by showing mail transaction failed message but start executing itself. Damage caused by this worm was estimated about $38 billion.

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