Top 10 Lost Cities of the World

By | September 11, 2013

We have a past that is not so great when we are talking of the distractions that we have faced. There is no doubt of the fact that we have created the masterpieces but we have lost a lot also. Since the dawn of the earliest civilizations we have created some great cities. These cities and the people in it have given a lot to the next generations to come. But the sad part of the story is that we have also lost some of our best cities. Some have been lost due to natural calamity and some due to some wrong course of events. Here in this article I will talk about the top 10 lost cities of the world.

1. Pavlopetri, Greece

Pavlopetri, Greece

This city existed along the regions of modern Greece during the period until 10000 BC. According to the many6 excavations underground, the city of Pavlopetri is a complete uncontaminated piece of work by the Humans. It is expected that the city got submerged due to the actions of nature like Earthquakes and rising of the sea level. Many people still believe that there are many such cities that might just be under water awaiting discovery.

2. Cliff Palace, Colorado

Cliff Palace, Colorado

This city belongs to a time period of 900 Ad to 1200 AD. The Native Americans of the South – Western United States formed villages named Pueblos. One such community was formed in the mountains of Colorado. Although these places are not inhabited for long periods but the cities are of extreme qualities. The city was undiscovered until a few shepherds discovered the city along the walls of a cliff, thus the name Cliff Palace.

3. Akrotiri, Santorini

Akrotiri, Santorini

The city belongs to the Minoan civilization. The city was destroyed around 1600 BC due to some volcanic eruptions. The city was later discovered in the year 1967 which allowed us the knowledge of the great engineering and planning skills that the Minoans have. The engineering was so advanced that they used the volcano underneath to heat the water that they used.

4. Tikal, Guatemala

Tikal, Guatemala

Tikal was the capital of the Mayan civilization. Just like the other cities of the Mayan civilization, Tikal is also a splendid example of classical efficiency of the Mayans with the kind of explicit work that they have done with the monuments. There is literally no explanation what happened to the civilization or why was it abandoned suddenly at its height.

5. Timgad, Algeria

Timgad, Algeria

This was one of the major and well planned cities of the modern world. The city was once destroyed in the 5th Century. It was rebuilt with the same vigor only to be ransacked again in the 7th Century after which it was completely deserted and then the sands of Sahara did the remaining work of covering the city. The city was rediscovered in the year of 1881.

6. Machu Picchu, Peru

Machu_Picchu: Top 10 Lost Cities of the World

The city belongs to the Inca civilization. This is literally the only city at such a high altitude. The city was one of the most well organized cities of the world at its time. The greatness of the city is still visible in its ruins.  The city was not inhabited for long. Literally nothing is known about the city.

7. Mohenjodaro, Pakistan

Mohenjodaro, Pakistan

The city of Mohenjodaro was a part of the Indus Valley Civilization that existed in the Indus Valley Basin of the Indian Sub Continent. The civilization was one of the three earliest civilizations along with the Egyptian and the Mesopotamian Civilization. The city was discovered in the year 1992 only to stun the archaeologists with its beauty.

8. Petra, Jordan

Petra, Jordan

Many people will say that the city of Petra was not actually lost but was rather kept hidden from the sights of the archaeologists by the locals. The city is one piece of excellence. The whole of the city is actually carved in the mountains making it a specific piece of genius.

9. Troy, Turkey

Troy, Turkey

This is the city where Iliad by Homer was actually written. This was the place where the epic battle of Achilles and Hector which literally changed the fates of the city. The city was completely surrounded by a high wall which made the city impenetrable. Many people actually believe that the War of Troy completely destroyed the city making the people to abandon it.

10. Pompeii and Herculaneum, Italy


The two cities can actually be termed as the twin cities which completely display the best of Italy. The ere are enough signs to show that the city was torn with political strife and all the other kinds of things that we have in the present. It is thought that a civil war that haunted the cities was responsible for the destruction that followed.

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