Top 10 Amazing Cities that did not exist in 1960

By | August 27, 2013

Since the dawn of the earliest of civilizations the quality of developing new cities and living around them and making those legends has been the quality of humans that makes us one of the best beings on this surface of the earth. The development of these cities took loads of time and efforts. But with the pace that we have made inroads in the fields of technology, there is nothing that we cannot achieve. Today if we follow the map of the earth, we will find many cities that have not even existed on the maps that were produced 50 years ago. Here I will talk about the top 10 amazing cities that took birth after 1960 and are now counted in among the most important cities of the world.

1. Dubai, United Arab Emirates


This is literally the city that one can never miss out this list. Dubai is the present capital of the United Arab Emirates and is one of the most fantastic cities of the world. The independence came to the citizens of United Arab Emirates in the year 1971 and since then it has been a fairy tale for them. The city developed like anything with the money that flowed in from the oil reserves. Undoubtedly, Dubai is an example of the exemplary excellence that humans possess.

2. Navi Mumbai, Republic Of India

Navi Mumbai, Republic Of India

This is mainly an extension of the old city of Bombay which was already a city to be proud of during the British Rule in India. After they left, the outer part of Bombay started developing. The main purpose of creating the city was to reduce the congestion of Bombay. Now the city is one of the best planned cities of the world that has reached to this height in such a small amount of time.

3. Doha, Qatar

Doha, Qatar

Qatar also gained independence in the year 1971and then began the journey that completely changed the fortunes. The large inflow of cash from the oil rigs led to the development of Doha, which is the present capital of the country. Doha is considered as one of the most advanced cities of the world.

4. Abuja, Nigeria

Abuja: Top 10 Amazing Cities that did not exist in1960

Once you take a look at Abuja, you will find it extremely hard to believe that the country was once torn by a civil war of such high tension and vigor. The discovery of oil has literally led to the creation of this wonderfully planned city of Abuja. From being the ruins of a war, to one of the top and well planned cities of the World, it took only 20 years for Abuja. It is also the present capital of Nigeria.

5. Astana, Kazakhstan


The country achieved its freedom in the year 1991 and within the next four years the capital was moved to the city of Astana. With a huge amount of monetary inflow, the country developed rapidly with making Astana one of the most developed cities of the world within such a short span of time.

6. Putrajaya, Malaysia


The city of Putrajaya was the result of the requirement that posed in front of the government of Malaysia when the population crossed its limits in Kuala Lumpur. The city was decided to be built in the year 1995 and within the next 10 years it found a place among the top cities of the world.

7. Sandouping, China


This was a village until the year 1984 and that is when it was decided that the place needs to be developed in order to fill the increasing population. This was just the beginning. With three hydroelectric projects nearby, the city started on its merry way to be one of the greatest cities of the world.

8. Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada

Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada

This is literally the northernmost cities along the Arctic Circle in Canada. The city has a complete cover of Snow all around the year and in spite of the barrier, the city is one of the most well planned cities of the world. This not only shows the quality of the human engineering but also the will power.

9. King Abdullah Economic City, Saudi Arabia


This is not the city that is built by a country; this is actually the city that is built by a single Human, King Abdullah. Speaking of facts, the city is not yet ready. It is still being built and is expected to be completed by the end of 2020. King Abdullah has himself donated the complete amount of 100 billion dollars that is the base on which the city is being built. It is expected that once the city is complete, it will rise up the list as one of the greatest and most advanced cities of the world.

10. Inchon, South Korea

Inchon, South Korea

The city is extremely close to the borders with North Korea and yet is one of the greatest and advanced cities of the world. When Korea was divided, Inchon was nothing but just a ruined coastal city. From there, the government has transformed the city into one of the most spectacular cities of the world.

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