Top 10 Historical Mysteries of the World

By | November 11, 2013

The Human History is quiet and most interestingly a unique combination of mystery and an exotic kind of a beauty attached to it. The world has seen many such events that have literally stolen away the peace from the minds of the genius men but still they were not even close in solving them! The world has been baffled by such turn of events for many centuries and it is quite evident that these mysteries will actually never be solved only to remember as the top historical mysteries of the world!

1. The Assassination of John F KennedyThe Assassination of John F Kennedy

The American President, John F. Kennedy was killed in front of the whole mass public display by some people. Who did it was never actually found out. The president was shot two bullets: One at the back and one in the head when he was with his wife Jacqueline on the streets of Dallas. The date of 22nd November, 1963 is remembered as a black day in the history of the United States of America. According to the theories, many people believe that the prime minister was killed by some militant group and others think that the assassination was a result of the clashes within the intelligence agencies of the world!

2. The Stonehenge MysteryThe Stonehenge Mystery

Implicit three segments over 6,400 years by the Neolithic occupants of Salisbury Plain in Southern England, Stonehenge has dazzled guests for many years. The builders of the Neolithic period were equipped to make a stupendous that has puzzled humankind for many years utilizing just stone instruments, and without utilizing draft creatures. The site holds 30 sarcens (upright stones) weighing 26 tons and 30 lintels (even top stones). Every stone weighs 6 tons and was cut from Bluestone from an area some miles away. The speculations about Stonehenge’s development run from ice sheets moving the colossal bluestones to the ropes and timbers, to outsiders. As an aftereffect of the later revelation of an endless number of internments around the site, another hypothesis has raised one that states that Stonehenge was a spot to praise the lives of the dead.

3. The Crystal SkullsThe Crystal Skulls

These are one of the most interesting pieces of Archeological or historical mysteries that still baffle the world historians. All of it started when some mercenaries found a skull made up of crystal. The structure was such that it showed a different anatomy of the brain. Further, there were 13 other skulls discovered all along the land of South America and Mexico. Many people have the belief that the skulls have their connections with the Mayans. According to others, they might very well be the skulls of aliens.

4. The Tomb of Vlad DraculaThe Tomb of Vlad Dracula

This is the story of Bram Stroker’s Dracula where the character is inspired by the real life character of Vlad Dracula and considered as one of historical mysteries of the world. This man was a prince and later grew up to be the ruler of the state of Wallachia. The man is known to have been extremely ruthless and had executed most of his enemies. The real mystery begins when the man was killed but his body was never found. Many people believe that the Count was killed by beheading and head is a secret tomb. Many on the other hand think that he was still living by that time and was responsible for some of the more deaths that followed.

5. The Amber RoomThe Amber Room

This was one of the Master Pieces that was created during the year of 1701 by the King of Prussia. The room had a size of 55 sq meters and was completely built of Amber. During the world war, the Soviets hid the masterpiece with normal paper but it was yet stolen and taken to Konigsberg. What happened to the Room after that is not known to anybody! Many people believe that the room was destroyed in the bombing that followed on Konigsberg. Whereas some also believe that the Germans still have it hidden somewhere!

6. The SphinxThe Sphinx Top 10 Historical Mysteries of the World

The Sphinx has a lot of historical Mysteries attached to it as it is a part of the Egyptian symbology and at the same time, there are also links to the Greek culture. According to the legend, the sphinx used to ask some riddle and if somebody could not answer, then it destroyed the man. But the question is that who built the Sphinx of Giza. The only person to have seen the Sphinx and survived was a Greek Hero, Oeidipus. Thus only he could build it. But according to historians, it was built in 2500 BC.

7. Jack the RipperJack the Ripper

This is arguably one of the biggest unresolved murder cases of the world. During a period of August, and November 1888, there were officially 5 murders and all of the victims were prostitutes. Many people say that there were many more Murders and the fear was such that the people literally feared to go out of the house at night. It was stated that a Man named Jack is behind everything. People named his Jack the Ripper owing to the way he committed the crimes. It has been 120 years and nobody even knows what happened during those months.

8. The Ark of CovenantThe Ark of Covenant

The Ark of Covenant is of great religious for the people of Israel. According to the legend, the arc contained the three prime artifacts according to the Israeli faith. The Two slabs containing the 10 commandments, The Golden Pot of Manna and the Rod of Aron.  The main trouble began when the Babylonians attacked the city and the ark was lost for ever never to be seen again. Now the question is that where did the Ark goes, if it existed. Either destroyed which the Babylonians denied.

9. King ArthurKing Arthur

King Arthur was arguably the most famous king of England. A Great Warrior, A Great Leader, A friend and most important of all, he was a great King. But there is absolutely no proof that he existed. All that is known about him is from the folklores. Many people think that this was just a stunt in order to inspire the British army. According to the legends, When King Arthur died, there was a great tomb built but that is now where to be found now!

10. The City Of AtlantisThe City Of Atlantis

According to the legends, the city of Atlantis was the home to the most powerful and the most developed civilization of the world. Plato has described the place as the most advanced place of the world. But the sad part is the fact that there is actually no existence of the city remains & truly considered as historical mysteries of the world. According to the theory, the remains of the city are beneath the sea but nothing has yet been discovered.

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