Top 10 Craziest Mental Disorders

By | November 12, 2013

Yes, there is no doubt of the fact that we are the superior beings and that is the very reason why we have developed and evolved to such greater form of living! It is the brain that we have that performs the majority of the logical operations and thus adding to the intelligence that we boast of. But this does not actually mean that we do not suffer from mental illness. Many people are known to suffer from some crazy mental disorders. It cannot be stated which is the inceptive point of such disorders, but certain things do exist landing some interesting view points to these diseases! It is not that all the people suffering from some mental disorders should be termed as ‘mad’, but in some cases some rare and crazy mental disorders can lead to various important things. Today, We are going to enlist up some of the 10 craziest mental disorders.

1. Stockholm Syndrome

Stockholm Syndrome Top 10 Craziest Mental Disorders

How can you actually feel sympathy or some kind of an emotional attachment to a person who is responsible for captivating you? This is what Stockholm syndrome is all about. In this crazy mental disorder, you tend to develop an emotional attachment to the person who is committing the crime against you. In many cases it has been seen that the victims tend to protect the criminal once they are caught by not testifying against them. This syndrome is named after the incident in Stockholm, 1973.

2. Lima Syndrome

Lima Syndrome

The Lima syndrome is the exactly opposite syndrome to Stockholm syndrome. In this case, it is the criminals who become sympathetic to the troubles and sufferings of the hostages. This was first noticed in the longest abduction of all time lasting from December, 1996 to April, 1997. The situation was such that the abductors had literally released all the main hostages during the initial stages of the negotiations.

3. Diogenes Syndrome

Diogenes Syndrome

In short and simple words, It would be perfect to explain this syndrome as a state where the human body literally looses all the love for it and starts thinking it to be a lot inferior animal. In most of the cases, the person suffering from this syndrome thinks him to be some sort of an animal and thus prefers that kind of dirty living. This syndrome is most common in the people of old age.

4. Paris Syndrome

Paris Syndrome

This syndrome is one of the main fears that the tourists from Japan face when they plan to visit the nation of France. The nation of France is known in the romance that is shown in the novels and the films but whereas the people of Japan find the nation filled with noise and hustle and bustle that they were not expecting at all. This leads to a pressure on the mental ability to adapt and thus creating confusion in the mind of the people.

5. Stendhal Syndrome

Stendhal Syndrome

This is a mental trouble that is faced by a person when he or she is projected to a form of art. This is accompanied by a severe increase in the rate of heart beat, dizziness and nausea. The first such case was recorded in the famous French author, Stendhal who suffered a lot from this disease. Just imagine a situation if the painters from the period of Renaissance would have suffered from this, how much would we have been lagging in the field of art!

6. Jerusalem Syndrome

Jerusalem Syndrome

You might have heard that people claim that they have seen God or they can feel some kind of presence that is of the heavens. Well, some of the claims are frauds but it might happen that the next richest person whom you meet might just be suffering from the Jerusalem syndrome. In this case, the person whom we are referring to might just be the one with the hallucinations of some sort of heavenly things. This crazy mental disorder does not depend on what religion that you follow.

7. Capgras Delusion


This is a delusion in which the person suffering from this disease tends to believe that the closest person to him or her or from the family has been replaced by an imposter. The condition can get so severe that in most of the cases, the victims refuse to sleep with their partners, go out with them and in violent cases, call the police and file a statement.  This is a kind of schizophrenia but of a different kind, a rare one.

8. Fregoli Delusion

Fregoli Delusion

If you have been amazed by the Capgras Delusion, then you will be further amazed by Fregoli Delusion, according to which the victim starts thinking that the same person is meeting with him or her but in disguise. This is a kind of schizophrenia that is different than others and has a potential to go unnoticed and thus creating trouble in relationships. If this crazy mental disorder does not take care of, it can lead to separations between two people. Cases of suicide have also been reported in many of such cases.

9. Cotard Delusion

Cotard Delusion

This delusion is the one according to which the victims start believing that they are already dead. They start acting in such ways that they do not exist. Night walks on the highways are mostly common as the belief exists according to which you cannot kill a dead person again. It was Jules Cotard who first talked about such a disorder stating that if these kinds of mental disorders increase then it might just create a risk on a healthy environment.

10. Reduplicative Paramnesia

Reduplicative Paramnesia

Reduplicative Paramnesia has a close link to Capgras Delusion  as even in this case there exists in a situation where the person believes that the something has been duplicated or imposed upon. The difference is just that in this case, the victim thinks that he is in completely different place that looks exactly identical. The victim then starts thinking that he or she has been kidnapped of abducted in some sort and as the others press in trying to prove him or her wrong, the distance grows. In many cases, people have run away from their own houses only to never return again.


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