Top 10 Things Designed to Last for 1000 Years

By | September 16, 2013

We have come across all the ages that have troubled us, the times when we thought that we are coming to an end. Then again we have passed certain periods when we have grown like anything. We have witnessed things like no other living things have done. Thus it will not be wrong at all to say that it is only us, the humans who can create things that can last a time period which is even more than the lifetime of 10 generations of a man. With the kind of inventions that we have in our account, the fault is not at all unachievable. We have already created certain things that will stand in for the next 1000 years. In this article I will discuss about the top 10 things designed to last for 1000 years.

1. The Kalchakra World Peace Stupa

The Kalchakra World Peace Stupa

The Kalchakra is the 7th Kind of Stupa according to the Buddhist culture. The Stupa is supposed to be absorbing the negative energy at times of a crisis and allow the natural flow of energy. One of these Stupas is supposedly being built in Australia. The kind of technology that is being used gives the Stupa a 100% chance of standing for 1000 years.

2. The Tribute to Lady Diana by Prince Williams

The Tribute to Lady Diana by Prince Williams

This is one of the most recent things that has already been built and will surely last for much more than a 1000 years. The tribute in which Prince William had asked the royal sculptor to add the Symbol of Princes Diana’s family in a sculpture of 24 carat gold.

3. An Art than can last for a Millennium

An Art than can last for a Millennium

Buell Mullen had devised a method which can be used to create paintings on Metals and other things. The method uses acids and other chemicals in the work. But the thing that is guaranteed is that the paintings using this technique are sure to last as long as a 1000 year.

4. The Antique pieces of Bible

The Antique pieces of Bible

There is no doubt of the fact that the antique pieces of the Bible that have survived under the worst of conditions before being discovered, will not survive under the utmost care that they are kept in the present. The Bibles are sure to go the distance of 1000 years.

5. St. Louie Gateway Arch

St. Louie Gateway Arch

The St. Louie Gateway Arch is also called the Gateway of the west. The monument with a height of more than 600 feet is built completely out of pure stainless steel. The3 creators have claimed that the structure will stand strong if taken care of properly.

6. Iznik Tiles

Iznik Tiles

The worst part of the information that we have about the Iznik tiles is the fact that there is literally no information about the formulae that was used to make them. Experiments have shown that the tiles contain 95% quartz but the process is yet unknown. The last tiles were made in 17th Century and till date they are shining as if planted just tomorrow! They have already seen two millenniums and are sure to see the next one as well.

7. Long Player

Long Player :Top 10 Things Designed to Last for 1000 Years

This is arguably the best music player that you can afford. The best feature is the fact that the player never repeats the tune that it has played once. There are no chances of the battery to run out and the music will continue till the year 2999. It was created in 1999 and will last till 2999 making it see a complete turn of 1000 years.

8. Permanent Paper


After the World War, we had so much of the radioactive waste that we were short on land to dispose it. That is when the scientists struck with the idea of using the radioactive wastes to create something good. They have created a paper that is expected to store the ink in it for a minimum of 1000 years. The only thing that has to be mentioned is that the rooms need to be controlled by humidity. After all it is Nuclear Waste. Care is surely needed.

9. Monolithic Dome Houses

Monolithic Dome Houses

After the Monolithic Dome Houses did not catch the wild fires, scientists from all over the world started experimenting with the houses. Results have shown that a Monolithic Dome House can withstand any natural calamity except earthquake. Thus, it is also a surety that if properly maintained, these houses can last for more than a 1000 years.

10. The M-Disc with a 1000 year life span

The M-Disc with a 1000 year life span

The M – Disc is one of those engineering breakthroughs that can completely change the way we store our data. According to some experiments performed by the US army, it has been seen that the M-disc did not suffer from any data loss. The storing style is very much like the way, fossils are stored amidst layers of Rocks. When fossils can stay for one million tears, data can surely survive for a 1000 year.

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