The Best Cheap Car Insurance Companies

By | March 4, 2023

When you decide to buy a car without barely having an idea of the appropriate options available in the market. By being advised by your colleague or a friend, you buy a car insurance through online mode. You get to know that there are companies offering car insurance policies at a very competitive rate. Therefore, you end up buying the car insurance from the best car insurance companies. The companies provide you with the required benefits and you also save some money. 

When you buy a new car insurance it involves evaluating so many various parameters. It also helps in providing different methods to ensure maximum protection from potential risks. This will help in reducing your stress and anxiety. Also when you purchase a cheap car insurance, it will lower the expenses. It is intelligent to seek guidance by insurance experts. There are so many cheap car insurance companies available in the market.

Now we have tried to pick out the best cheap car insurance companies. You came to the right place, if you are seeking quality car insurance options. Let’s clear out all your doubts and thoughts. Keep reading till the end for better understanding. 

Looking for best cheap car insurance companies? We've shared details guide on best cheap car insurance companies. Learn how to cheap insurance.

How can you find the best cheap car insurance?

You can find the cheapest insurer through the analyzed information about the minimum coverage rates. You can easily go for the insurance that has a rating of 4.5 stars and can eliminate the one that didn’t have this much rating. You can go for the criteria we have mentioned on our website for better information. There are companies in the United States that offer auto insurance in every state. There are some that don’t offer such insurances. You will definitely find cheap car insurance companies available in the market. 

Our websites provide you with the best information. The details here are authentic and analyzed properly. You can blindly trust the prices we have mentioned here in the article because we have analyzed the prices properly. These are sampled from the locale in the country where you will find general insurance coverage and rates are available. You will find cheap car insurance.  

The best cheap car insurance in the market

You can easily find the cheapest car insurance based on the 2022 reviews that are ranked by average car rate per year. The rate is from lowest to highest. On average the auto owners usually have the lowest car insurance despite belonging to the highest rated companies. To make things clear for you, we have listed down a few best companies with their annual rates.    

CompanyAverage annual rateRating
1. Auto-Owners$3335.0
2. Geico$3544.5 
3. Plymouth Rock$4354.5
4. State Farm$4525.0 
5. Travellers$4725.0 
6. Amica$5045.0 
7. Country Financial$5084.5 
8. American Family$5735.0 
9. Nationwide$5734.5 
10. Chubb$6164.5

List of the cheapest full coverage car insurance companies 

We have tried to list the cheapest full coverage car insurance companies available in the market. Hop on them one after the other. 

  1. State Farm

This is the best and the cheapest full coverage car insurance company for all drivers. It is the largest insurance company in the country. The insurance company has the best rates in 25 states, if you are not eligible for USAA. It has a large network of local agents, you will find a state farm agent that will help you to compare cheapest rates. There are a few benefits through which drivers can enroll in certain programs. 

Programs like Drive safe & Save with which drivers can turn good driving habits into affordable quotes. This will help you in qualifying discounts that includes an accident free discount, multi-car discount and also anti-theft discount. The company also offers options like liability insurance, personal injection protection, comprehensive and collision coverage. There are other coverages that come under this company like pet coverage, rideshare insurance and also roadside insurance. This is one of the cheapest full coverage car insurance companies. 

  1. Auto Owners

This is the best company with which drivers can get the cheapest car insurance policies. The minimum coverage policy from which the auto owners cost an average of $36 per month. This is cheaper than the average across the US. A minimum car insurance coverage is not the best for drivers. It doesn’t provide protection against damage to your car’s damage. The liability limits that include minimum coverage are not high enough to cover the cost for the major accidents. 

Hence, full coverage of the car insurance is important for drivers of new cars for daily commuters. The company keeping this fact in mind offers inexpensive full car coverage insurance at $120 per month on an average. Drivers are very happy with the offers the company provides that are too inexpensive. The company receives around 33% complaints when compared to other companies. The only downside for the company is that it is available only in 26 states. If the drivers are unable to find car insurance from Auto owners then they can buy it from State Farm company. It is one of the best cheap car insurance companies.  

  1. American Family

The company has some good and cheapest full coverage car insurance policies. The minimum coverage policy of this company costs around $53 per month, on the other hand the full coverage costs $140 per month. The company stands out when it comes to savings through discounts. The car insurance policies are slightly more expensive than other companies mentioned above. You may pay less if you get qualified for the company’s many car insurance discounts.

If you have bundle insurance for multiple policies, can drive safely or shopped for a new policy in advance then you can easily earn discounts.

The company also offers various car insurance discounts to young drivers. Car insurance policies like a good student discount, teen safe driver discount and young volunteer discounts are offered to them. This is a good cheap car insurance company. 

  1. Erie

The company possesses the most affordable car insurance quotes for drivers along with a ticket, accident and DUIs on their driving records. Taking an example of a driver having a single ticket pays around $112 per month for full coverage that is 39% cheaper than other companies. The company increases auto insurance rates after driving incidents. It will raise the rates by 11% only if you get a ticket, whereas some companies raise the quotes by 23% and sometimes more. 

For any fault or accident the company will raise rates by 27% instead of average 49%. The average quote of the company with DUI is $162 per month with an increase of 67%. On the other hand, some companies raise the rate by an average of 83% after DUIs. The customers of the company can avoid the rate increase if they are eligible for the Rate lock program. 

This could cause the cost to creep up the years. This means that your car insurance cost will not increase if you get a ticket or you film a claim. The company has a reputed status in the market as one of the best cheap car insurance companies.    

  1. Allstate

The company possesses the cheapest car insurance rates for the new drivers. To the ones who are looking for a single insurance policy. The minimum coverage policy coverage costs $85 per month for young drivers of age below 25 years old with no experience. Therefore it is not the only way for teenagers to share it with their parents. In association with cheap rate policy the company does provide a good amount of discounts to cater the needs of the driver.

The company offers discounts for new drivers which includes automatic payment discounts, paperless discount and smart student discount. But there are some issues to be considered before opting for the company. The issues like no service is provided by the company after an accident. 

The company scored below average in the ratings conducted by JDs. According to a survey it is found that the company takes a lot of time to get you back on the road after a crash. But it is a cheap insurance company when considered for other policies.    

  1. Nationwide

If you are a safe driver and have a good driving record then the company might offer you with the cheapest insurance policy. The company offers two kinds of policies: the first one is usage based and the second one is pay-per-mile auto insurance. These kinds of policies help the driver to save on car insurances. The drivers who have drove 12000 miles per year can be benefitted from pay-per-mile insurance plan i.e. SmartMiles. This helps in keeping track of the number of miles you have driven. 

There is another plan that the company offers is SmartRide. It is a usage based insurance plan that is cheaper than other plans. The insurance rates under this depend on how often well you drive. Safe drivers can save up to 40% by enrolling in SmartRide. So this shows that the company Nationwide is good for the drivers having clean driving records, for students living on campus, people who are retired. It is a cheap insurance company for people. 

  1. Geico

The company has the cheapest driving quotes for the drivers having poor credit scores. The full coverage policy for drivers is $212 per month that is 16% cheaper than the national average for drivers with poor credits. Drivers having poor credit scores pay 70% extra from the drivers having good credit scores. Your improvement in credit scores will help you in getting a cheaper car insurance policy. You will get cheaper auto insurance quotes. 

The company also offers so many discounts with which you can lower your insurance rates. This includes usage based discounts and safe driver discounts. This also includes discounts for building homes plus auto insurance. This is one of the best cheap car insurance companies in the market.   

  1. USAA

The company is available in 50 states including Washington DC. It is the fifth largest car insurance company in the country. It serves so many drivers like companies like Allstate and Progressive etc. The military members, veterans and their families are eligible for the company. The company stands out from the mainstream companies due to its best reputation in the industry. It has the best customer services. 

The company stands on the top position in the J.D. ratings. In a survey it is found that the company gives the claims way easier than other companies after an accident. It helps the drivers to get back to track quickly after an accident. It has a low complaint record that means customers don’t have many complaints about support and claims. It is the best cheap car insurance company.  

There are a few factors that determine car insurance policies. 

To make the right decision in selecting a car insurance policy, you need to consider a few factors in mind. These factors will help you in opting the best cheap car insurance. 

  1. Driving records

The insurer will cross-check your previous driving record at the time of you buying the policy. If someone is involved in multiple car accidents then the insurance rate automatically increases. Also frequent registrations for claims can influence the prices. To reduce the premium price, you should maintain your driving record perfect and clean.

  1. Features and type of cars

The type of car you possess and the features it bears, will determine the premium of the car insurance. The ones having luxurious cars have to pay more premiums as the costs of repairs are expensive. It is suggested to install safety devices in your car that will help you in reducing the premium rates to an extent.

  1. Deductibles

This can impact your car insurance premium costs and one should enter the deductible percentage while using a calculator. This will automatically reduce the price of the premium of insurance plans. 

  1. Car age and coverage

These are other factors that too determine the premium of the car insurance policy. Owners with less pocket budget can go for comprehensive plans to reduce their expenses.  

Type of car insurance you should seek for

The type of insurance you want depends on your needs and requirements. It also depends on the situation you are dwelling in. For better coverage you need to evaluate all limits that can work for you. The car insurance will be different if you have a new car and you want the best policy compared with the policy of an old car. We have listed down the insurance policies available in the market. These policies are the best cheap car insurance policies. 

Liability Insurance

Injury on body and property damage liability leads to auto insurance that is mandatory in many states. The company pays for damage and injuries if you cause an auto accident. Most of the states require a minimum amount of liability car insurance. You can get higher limits if the budget allows. 

Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage

This insurance policy is available in a few states and optional in others. Uninsured insurance is paid when you get hit by the vehicle that doesn’t carry liability insurance. Underinsured motorist insurance pays if the driver at fault doesn’t carry enough liability insurance to cover all your medical needs.  

Collision and Comprehensive Insurance

These types of loans are not required by state laws but are mandated by insurance companies if you are having a car loan or lease. The coverage is a good idea until and unless you don’t drive a car of less value. There are always two types of coverage sold together. The limit of the coverage value is the totaled value of your car at the time of incident. 

  • Collision Insurance- It is paid when your car is hit by another vehicle regardless of fault. It can be paid out if you hit something accidentally like hitting a pole. 
  • Comprehensive Insurance- It is paid if the car is stolen or gets damaged due to issues like vandalism, fire, falling objects, severe weather or striking any animal. 

Cheap Car Insurance with Good Reviews

You can find cheap car insurance from a company having good customer care service. Most of the companies have complaint levels less than the industry average. Complaint numbers from National Association Of Insurance Commissioner, shows the company’s level of complaint related to its size of business with complaint numbers above 1.0 i.e. higher than the industry number. 

There are drivers who believe that they overpay for auto insurance

We did a survey of drivers and found that 58% of drivers think that they overpay for auto insurance. The only reason is because drivers frequently switch insurance companies due to cheap rates. In the survey we found that they did this to save their hard earned money. The second best reason was to get 19% coverage. The survey also found that there were more females who changed companies due to price (62%) than males (52%). 

Table to show the overpay scenario amongst drivers by insurance companies.

Sentiment about overpaying% respondent
Strongly agree 29%
Somewhat agree29%
Neither agree or disagree24%
Somewhat disagree11%
Strongly disagree8%

Reasons to change insurance companies by drivers

Type of driverAverage annual rates
To save money58%
To get different coverage19%
Because I bought a new car8%
Because I moved6%
Because I didn’t like the customer service5%
Because of the company’s advertisement2%
None of the above2%
I don’t remember1%


We are sure that this article is of good help to you. Now you can easily choose the best cheap car insurance company. We have tried to cover all the aspects of this topic from various directions. Do read the whole article thoroughly for better information. Now it will be easy for you to buy the best and the cheapest insurance policy that serves all your possible needs. For more such articles do visit our website.

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