Top 10 Best Free Music Player Android Apps

By | August 22, 2013

What is there that I can specifically say about Music that none other has said before? We all are very well aware of the fact that Music is that entity that can have some tremendous good effects in our lives. Starting from healing a bad mood for making us groove in a party, Music has got all the qualities that makes it our best partner in all times. Now with the advent of smart phone the way we listen to music has gotten over a completely radical change. Firstly, the means by which we listen to our favorite songs has changed to a better way and at the same time we have the rhythm of music for us anytime and anywhere we want. Here in this article Let us just go through the Top 10 Best Free Music Player Android Apps.

Top 10 Best Free Music Player Android Apps

Top 10 Best Free Music Player Android Apps:

1. Google Music Play

It is a very powerful application for music playing options both online and offline. You have the liberty to store your favorite track online and listen to it anytime you want. You can also download the track and store it in offline mode somewhere. All in all it is an extremely effective application for the smart phone that you are using. You can download Google Music Play by Clicking Here.

2. Real Player: Music Player Android Apps

The Real Player is something that finds a place in the literally everyone’s Smartphones. An application of its own kind that allows you to listen to music, watch videos and photos together in one application. The application has already registered more than 10 million+ downloads and is one music player that you must keep in tour armoury. You can download Real Player by clicking here.

3. Player Pro: Music Player Android Apps

Player Pro is one of the senior members of the music players’ community for android. It is one of the earliest of its kinds with the feature of sharing and liking videos and tracks when you are listening to them. If you are up for some classic stuff then Player Pro is the one you should be going for. You can download Player Pro by Clicking Here.

4. Rocket Music Player

Rocket Music Player is one of the best and bold music playing applications that is available in the market of Android Applications. It is fast, Efficient and literally does all the tasks of management for you. It comes with a timer and can also be synchronized with iTunes. Click here in order to download Rocket Music Player.

5. Musixmatch lyrics Player

The best feature that makes Musixmatch lyrics Player so very much popular among people is its ability to display the lyrics of the songs that you are listening. It is extremely powerful and at the same time has a quite simple user interface. You can download the Musixmatch lyrics player by clicking here.

6. Winamp: Music Player Android Apps

Winamp is something that has always been in the top-notch list of the best Music players in the world. The application is just like a mind rock music band for your smart phone. The kind of equalizer it has along with the sound boost, Winamp is that music player application that must be in your list of Android applications. Click here to download Winamp.

7. Double Twist with Magic Radio

Double Twist with Magic Radio is one of the highly portable music players that have one of the best synchronizers. With Double Twist with Magic Radio you can efficiently download the best music anytime of the god. To get Double Twist with Magic Radio click here.

8. Poweramp: Music Player Android Apps

Poweramp is one of the most favorite music player applications up for grabs for the youth. It has a hi – tech equalizer along with the ability to watch videos. The application since its launch has already notched up a download number of 10 million and is catching up fast in the race of popular music player downloads. Click here in order to download Poweramp.

9. Cubed: Music Player Android Apps

The cubed is also one of the mist attractive music players for your smart phone. It is ranked among the best in the list of free music players for Smartphones. The prime feature that makes cubed as one of the hot favorites for people is the fact that it allows you then take a catch at the album art of the track instantly. Thus, you do not have to search all over the internet in order to search your favorite mp3. You can download this amazing application by clicking here.

 10. N7 Player: Music Player Android Apps

This is the last in the list of the best free music player applications that are available for Smartphones. The application has a great interface for the users and you will love the way it plays your favorite tracks on the go. Click here to download N7 Player.

Thus we have tried to enlist the best free music player Android apps. So, Download these and enjoy your musical journey with your smart phone.

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