Top 10 Most Dangerous Sports

By | January 23, 2017

Sport is an entertaining way of exercise. Millions of people participate and watch sports as a passion. In modern time, different types of sports are coming to existence. People are discovering many adventures worldwide. Some of them are relaxing and some are challenging. Both indoor and outdoor sports are popular among the people who are searching for adventure. While searching for adventure, some dangerous sports have also been invented.

Sports could be dangerous if you extend them beyond the limit. Sometimes they also can become life threat. But passionate people do not care about the threats and continue their life with these dangers.  Today we are going to explain you about some most dangerous sports which you were never imagined to participate.

dangerous sports

Top 10 Most Dangerous Sports:

  • Heli-skiing

dangerous sports

Heli-skiing is not a normal skiing sport of snow. It is off trail downhill snowboarding accessed by a helicopter. Weather change, avalanche or narrow steeps may kill the sportsman at any time.

  • Base jumping

dangerous sports

Base jumping is a very dangerous sport which is executed from a building, antenna or cliff of very high altitude. People jumps from a fixed structure to downwards that is why parachute is very essential for this sport. Height is not the only risk but wind can also trash you away.

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  • Cave diving

dangerous sports

As it is clear by the name, this is an underwater sport inside the caves. A sportsman needs different types of equipments according to the circumstances. Caves are the dark places under water so there is a higher risk to distract from the path in light failure. Oxygen loss is also a major threat in it.

  • Bull riding

dangerous sports

Bull riding is a very tough  and dangerous sport which is running since decades ago. Rider mounts on a bull and tries to stay on its back as long as possible. The risk of falling down is very high. Also the heavyweight bull can trample the rider.

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  • Scuba diving

dangerous sports

Scuba diving is a dangerous sport which is getting very popular in current time. Divers jumps downward with the help of a suit and oxygen cylinder. Decompression is the major threat of this sport which may cause failure of spinal cord, lungs or brain. Aquatic animals like sharks can also cause major injuries.

  • Mountain climbing

dangerous sports

Mountain climbing is a risk full sport in which people climb upward to high mountains with the help of some tools and muscles strength. Almost every activity from beginning to ending is risky while climbing. The injuries like twisted ankles, broken bones, back injuries, frost bite etc may cause the death of climber.

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dangerous sports

Water rafting is a dangerous sport which is organised in running water of river. It brings various challenges to the participants while rafting. Threat of tossing out or smashing with a rock consists in this sport.

  • BMX
dangerous sports


It is a bicycling sport which involves racing and stunts. The track of this dangerous sport has vertical ramps and flatlands where participant performs various stunts while racing. Cuts, scrapes and bruises may occur during this sport.

  • Street luge

dangerous sports

Street luge is a kind of skate boarding in which a rider stays in supine position. These boards dashes downwards in extremely high speed. Participants need to wear protective gears like helmets and leathers to prevent them from collision. The brakes of  that board are your own feet.

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  • Big wave surfing

dangerous sports

Big wave surfing is a kind of dangerous sport which is conducted on the waves over 20 feet or above. Surfer is awarded  by $100000 if they surf on a wave of 100 feet. The biggest hazard of this is drowning or head smashing by an underwater rock.

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