Top 10 Video Games Based On Books

By | January 11, 2014

Mostly you will not find that Video games are associated with some book! The general trend is that the readers tend to imagine the stuff that they read in their own way! Generally, video games are made up of instances where you can succeed or you can even fail. There are chances where you can make up for the mistakes that you have done.  However, these things are not present there in novels or books. To the best possible extent, books can be interpreted with films. In spite of all these, we have seen that there are many games which are based on novels and books. Let’s check out the top 10 video games based on books.

1. Shadow Complex

Shadow Complex

Orson Scott Card is celebrated internationally for his prototype science fiction novel Ender’s Game, however, even more as of late he composed a book called Empire. It is around the range of a second American Civil War between progressively radical right and left wings. It is a fascinating thought, despite the fact that its execution falls evenly. It is gigantically fun, offering a mixture of quick paced shooting and addictive investigation.  In any case, it did motivate Shadow Complex, a standout amongst the most discriminating acclaimed diversions of 2009, which runs parallel to the Empire’s plot.

2. S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl


S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Is set in and around Chernobyl a fictional second later meltdown, players control an amnesiac stalker, an individual who investigates and rummages the radiation pervaded no man’s land. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. is enlivened by the 1970s Russian sci-fi novel Roadside Picnic¸ a detached film accommodation called Stalker, and the book dependent upon the film dependent upon the book, additionally called Stalker. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Drops the greater part of the topics and thoughts that expedited the novel being vigorously blue-penciled by Soviet powers; however, it makes a striking, showing of catching the disheartening, discouraging and frequently alarming scene and a similarly great work of making going through it feel terribly sensible.

3. The Wheel of Time

The Wheel of Time

The Wheel of Time did not get much consideration when it was discharged, both since it was contending with the fruitful Unreal and Quake series, and because its source material is just prevalent around the geekiest of geeks. The Wheel of Time is a dream series of over twelve long and regularly dull books, composed by Robert Jordan. Regularly, it boded well for adjusting the establishment into an activity stuffed first individual shooter. If you are a devotee of the series, you will like the amusement’s meticulousness, and in the event that you are not a fan, you will like the way that you can shoot chain lightning at terrible fellows.

4. Parasite Eve

Parasite Eve: Top 10 Video Games Based On Books

Parasite Eve is the interesting video games based on books which was made by Square soft, which are popular for their Final Fantasy series. Parasite Eve is a favorite Japanese pretending amusement set in New York City in the vicinity of a lady who makes individuals spontaneously combust in the event that they get excessively near her. This monstrosity of nature happened after an analysis to cure the tumor happened and it is dependent upon the player to stop this lunatic before she conceives a frightful creature. It is an interesting diversion.

5. Metro 2033

Metro 2033: Top 10 Video Games Based On Books

When we are talking about video games on books how can we forget to mention this game. The story was first told online in 2002, where bookworms were urged to add to the universe with quality and their stories. The novel is both a sci-fi endeavor and a discourse on advanced Russian social order, which is probably tormented by radioactive appearances and future Nazis. Metro 2033 is situated in post whole world destroyed backyard of Russia, where nuclear war has compelled survivors into the tram tunnels. The principle character should shield his home station from a puzzling risk, while in the meantime, managing communists, Fourth Reich Nazis and mutants. A faction hit in Russia, it was distributed in book organization and interpreted to English in 2005.

6. Alice

Alice: Top 10 Video Games Based On Books

Alice Madness Returns is a psychological horror action adventures video game based on book. You are probably acquainted with the story of Alice in Wonderland; most likely, through the Disney motion picture, however perhaps the books assuming that you had folks that are more proficient. Alice is about her after she became crazy when her family was executed in a house blaze, transforming Wonderland into a spot, twisted to the point of being unrecognizable by her broken personality. Shockingly the game play, which overall comprises of circling and smacking adversaries, is not exactly as urging; however, it is such a turn tackle a youth exemplary that you cannot resist the opportunity.

7. The Witcher

The Witcher: Top 10 Video Games Based On Books

What is The Witcher about? It is all about Killing creatures, making challenging ethical choices and resting around, for the most part. You play as a Witcher named Geralt, an individual raised from life’s commencement to venture to the far corners of the planet and execute unsafe brutes. A Witcher, other than being somebody who witches, is a religion – hit series of short stories and books. They have been distributed in their local Poland since the early 90s, yet were just made as English in 2007. The pretending amusement turned out that year, acquainting the establishment with the western planet.

8. Enslaved: Odyssey to the West

Enslaved Odyssey to the West

Enslaved is dependent upon Journey to the West, which is one of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese written works. You can in any case see the center motivation in Enslaved’s characters. Their names, characteristics and relationship to one another are like those of the novel’s hero, and those acquainted with the book will get extra references to the work. The book, set in fanciful times, is about the journey of a Buddhist friar and his adherents in India.

9. I Have No mouth and I must scream

I Have No mouth and I must scream

I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream is dependent upon Harlan Ellison’s celebrated internationally story of the same name in the ballpark of a supercomputer, Am, that demolishes humankind in an atomic ravage and tortures the five survivors into madness. The amusement acclimatization is a focus and click endeavor you control each of the five survivors thusly as Am puts them through a trial that reflects their excellent defects.

10. Dune II: The Building of a Dynasty

Dune II The Building of a Dynasty

DUNE, the prototype science fiction novel about the root of a strong space domain, an uncommon sedate that transforms men into supermen, and tremendous warmth, has appropriated various movie diversion accommodations. Rise II was the second in a series of methodological diversions, yet it’s more than only one more undertake the establishment it is a standout amongst the most significant titles in gaming history.

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