Top 10 Crazy Structures Made from Legos

By | January 18, 2014

None of us was born in the size that we are presently in now. Thus, it means that we were very small kids some time! One interesting fact that I have noticed in the kids in the fact that they are quite intelligent when they are creating something and this is best portrayed by the Lego creations. Although many people will say that, how can Lego creations are considered as creative or something intelligent. If you are asking for my personal thoughts, I will certainly say that it takes quite a brain to create something great out of the pieces of Lego! The way you use the pieces to create something interesting needs a crazy brain! Not everyone can be given the credit of making Crazy structures with Legos! Let’s check out.

1. Lego Chandelier

Lego Chandelier: Top 10 Crazy Structures Made from Legos

I will certainly rate this as the best Lego creation because of the fact that this is the best possible way by which you can enhance the beauty of your house without even spending a few thousand bucks. Well, if you are thinking about the answer, it is a Lego Chandelier. Although the building of a massive chandelier in general requires a lot of money, but while making a chandelier with Lego all you need in thousands of Lego. In the Chandelier, the Lego used are clear in nature and at the same time of great efficiency when it is about the weight! It is a perfect option to decorate the house without spending a lot of money!

2. Tower of Mordor: Replica

Tower of Mordor Replica

Just imagine the extent to which a fan can go! We do realize the fact that the Lord of the Rings is a cult film series and has many interesting fans. The more interesting part is the fact that a man named Kevin Walter made a literally exact replica of the Tower of Mordor. The tower is about 6 feet in height and at the same time has thousands and thousands of Lego used in it! The number of pieces to be exact is 50000. No man has so much patience unless if he is not a genius!

3. Saturn V Rocket: Replica

Saturn V Rocket Replica

There is no doubt of the fact that the Saturn V rocket is one of the most important rockets sent into the outer space during the year of 1960 to 1970. The Saturn V Rocket separated into three parts after launching into the outer orbit! The more interesting fact is that an Australian made an exact 19 foot replica of the gigantic rocket. It is the largest Lego structure created in Australia. It has approximately 12000 pieces of Lego! The time taken was approximately about 250 hours!

4. A Full Size Model of F Ferrari completely made up of Lego’s

Model of F Ferrari

Well, if McLaren, Ferrari and all the other racing companies are producing classic racing cars, there is no problem with the fact that a man can also produce one. The main difference is the fact that the second car is made up of Lego’s! Talking about the statistics related to this, a minimum number of 16 experts were employed for the completion of the work properly. The work is so accurate that a complete man can fit in the car and pretend to be driving. Everything about the car has a real look except for the fact that It is made up of just Lego’s!

5. Large Nitendo DSI model: Lego creativity

Large Nitendo DSI model Lego creativity

For the critically acclaimed people around us, this was not simply some man’s brainchild. For reasons unknown, somebody got it into his or her head that the main thing superior to a handheld, working Nintendo DSI was a copy bigger than a human that does not capacity as a movie diversion framework and could effortlessly squash you to demise in the event that it fell on you. This behemoth has assumed control over 50,000 Lego pieces to develop and weighs in the ballpark of two hundred and fifty pounds. Obviously, Nintendo of America, authorized him to do it, which implies this seven-foot wide enormous heap of toys made to look like an alternate toy is advertising.

6. Life: Size Lego Jesus

Life Size Lego Jesus

A church of Sweden gave an abundance of Lego squares to make this extend happen, to the tune of approximately 30,000 aggregate pieces. One church in Sweden made the news after they revealed a life-measure statue of Jesus made altogether out of Lego blocks. The church has no longing to offer their creation, which should be dependent upon a manifestation of Jesus at the restoration. The individuals who put it together, put in the ballpark of 18 months worth of work to get the statue fittingly collected, which makes the venture sound ludicrously troublesome when you acknowledge there were forty individuals dealing with it.

7. A Lego Pharaoh


To promote another segment of Lego land in Windsor called Kingdom of the Pharaohs; a tremendous 16-foot statue of the Pharaoh was drifting up the waterway Thames. This statue was taken by watercraft very nearly 1500 miles, the distance from the Czech Republic to Lego land Windsor, its last goal. This statue took a whole group of masters practically half a year to assemble, took a couple hundred thousand Lego blocks to fabricate, and actually weighs a ton. The new area of the amusement stop require in the vicinity of three million euro’s to outline and assemble and is now open for business.

8. A Lego House

A Lego House

While there are numerous crazy structures made out of Lego’s, exclusive chose to go much, much more distant than most and manufactured a genuine working house out of them. The architect, plus one thousand individuals who volunteered to help, invested an amazing measure of opportunity to assemble this behemoth. Shockingly, this story does not close cheerfully. It turns out, nobody needed a house made out of three million Lego blocks. In spite of the fact that Lego Land wished to take back to the house but could not afford it!

9. Lego Air: Craft Carrier

Lego Air Craft Carrier

This is the creation of an IT engineer. The age of the person has been just 36 years and he has already achieved enough to take his hobby with the Lego to the next level! The person created a US military aircraft creator and that simply rolled out his name in the market. The replica is of the Aircraft carrier USS Intrepid! It is 23 feet long, weighs 350 pounds and holds up to 30000 pieces of Lego put together!

10. A380 Airbus: Lego Replica

A380 Airbus Top 10 Crazy Structures Made from Legos

This Lego copy is planned after the A380 Airbus, which should be the greatest plane on the planet. The structure is something like seven feet long, and six feet wide. That as well as the structure might put into equal parts, at which focus you can get a gander at the unimaginable crazy measure of item put into each of the three stories of this colossal structure. The fashioner of this plane imitation went hard and fast and took in the vicinity of 75,000 pieces to develop; the task took him the better part of a

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