Top 10 Civilizations That Disappeared Mysteriously

By | September 29, 2013

We are in this 21st Century because of the fact that the initial development for us was done by the ancient civilizations that were never actually linked with one another. Just imagine the scenario when we know that the civilization exists but we do not know that how it actually came to an end. Just imagine the situation when we are well aware of the fact that the civilizations were highly advanced but we do not know what led to their downfall. There are so many unanswered things about the disappearance of these civilizations that mostly we lose track when trying to recollect them. Here is a list of the Top 10 Civilizations that disappeared mysteriously.

1. The Mayans

The Mayans

Arguably the Mayan Civilization was truly one of the best civilizations that were completely lost amidst the sand of times. The civilization was one of the very best when it came to technology and at the same time the extent to which it existed. The civilization was lost amidst the jungles of America but still the masterpieces of the technology of the civilization can be seen exquisitely all over from Mexico to Guatemala.

2. The Indus Valley Civilization

The Indus Valley Civilization

The Indus Valley Civilization which is also known as the Harappan Civilization. The civilization thrived thousands of years ago which at that time already had a population of about 5 million. The capability of the civilizations can be well measured by the fact that they had the capability to feed the whole of the population. The reasons for the end of the civilization are still not known to us as there is a mystery regarding the disappearance of the civilization.

3. Easter Islands

Easter Islands

The civilization that thrived on the Eater Islands is one of the classic examples of the lost civilizations that thrived on the island. Their technological supremacy is well realized by the human heads that can be seen along the coastline of the islands. The reasons for the disappearance of this Polynesian civilization are still not known to the humans.

4. Catalhoyuk


This is often referred to as the world’s oldest city which was a part of the Catalhoyuk civilization which was one of the best civilizations which was primarily dependent on agriculture. The civilization existed about 7000 to 9000 years ago. The civilization although did not portray greater efficiency when it came to development and management, but the fact that the civilization had a sophisticated society is quite clear from the evidences left behind.

5. Cahokia


The civilization belongs to an era long before even when the Europeans visited the lands. The civilization developed around the River Mississippi and the huge pyramid like structures. The civilization is a landmark in the history of North America. The ruins are still visible along the state of Illinois but the reason for the disappearance is still not sure to the historians. Most of them think that the reason was famines which were very common among the civilizations.

6. Gobekli Tepe

 Gobekli Tepe

This civilization might very well be considered as one of the most mysterious civilizations ever discovered. The structures that involve the civilization is very different from the other civilizations. It is thought that the civilization existed during 10000 BC and the population consisted of Nomadic tribes who were just learning to settle down. The reason for the disappearance is still a mystery to the archaeologists.

7. Angkor

 Angkor: Top 10 Civilizations That Disappeared Mysteriously

The temple of Angkor What is a small part of the excellent civilization that existed in the part of Cambodia. The civilization is termed as Angkor. The civilization existed during the later part of the middle age ranging from 1000 Ad to 1200 AD. The reason for the disappearance is debated all over the world starting from War to diseases to Natural Disasters.

8. The Turquoise Mountain

 Turquoise Mountain

The Minaret of Jam might just not be a proof enough for considering the fact that there was a civilization but the technologically advanced monument is a proof enough for believing that the minaret was created by talented and advanced craftsmen. To add to this the nearby remains of the houses and structures does give you a belief that there existed a civilization but why it disappeared is still a huge mystery to the historians.

9. Niya


It might just sound a bit absurd that a civilization existed amidst a sandy desert but the fact is true. The civilization of Niya developed along a huge oasis which was also on the Silk Road. Various excavations at the location has revealed many treasures and ruins of structures.

10. Nabta Playa

Nabta Playa

They were probably the first settlers along the desert of Sahara. The people domesticated cattle and did small farming to feed them. The civilization that existed during the period of 7000 BC to 6500 BC was not a part of the arid desert at that time. It is considered that the change in monsoon patterns led to the disappearance of the civilization.

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