Top 10 Biggest Internet Communities

By | October 22, 2013

In this modern world Internet is just like a second home to many one us. This is more so because of the fact that there are about a lot of internet communities and chat forums that can keep us busy for the whole length of a day. Frankly speaking, the modern day internet is not just about information downloading; it is also about information on the upload as well as chats and fans all along the way.  You love something and that might just not be favorable to somebody else and thus starts a discussion that can lead to new friends and intellectual conversation. Here is a list of the top 10 Biggest Internet communities.

Top 10 Biggest Internet Communities

1. Gaia Online

This is arguably the largest online internet community that exists or is even expected to exist. This community has an approximate amount of 23 million users that operate fully in the community. Now you may very well ask a question that what is this Gaia Community all about? Frankly speaking again, if you are in for some serious stuff, then this is not the place for you. But that also depends on what you mark as serious? The place is all about games, anime and all the things that the teens are interested in. Just for your info the community has approximately 38700 users online at any given moment.

2. 4chan

This is something that might just sound interesting to some raffling teens and sound disgusting to some intellectual ones. 4chan at the beginning was just a place where you can talk about the favorite animations that you have but in the present time, literally nothing is forbidden. As a result it might just not be difficult at all for you to guess about the most trending topics 4chan. They have literally done out all the fads that one could possibly achieve sitting on the internet. 4chan has an approximately 60600 users online at any given point of time.

3. d2jsp

Maybe this is the only internet community that still holds the original identity that it had in the beginning. D2jsp started off as a forum to discuss about the most popular video game of that time: Diablo II. The game is still the main focus for most of the people but to add to this there are a lot of conversations on other games as well. Whatever be it, the focus is still around video games as the administrators have not allowed anything to change.d2jsp has an average 4500 users online at a given moment.

4. IGN

There is a lot about which people tend to discuss on the IGN but the best part is that it is all about entertainment. The range starts from TV shows to video games, to sports to films etc. Thus one should not at all be worried when he or she sees IGN as one of the most famous internet communities. IGN has approximately around about 10600 users online talking about various stuffs at a given moment.

5. Nexopia

Initially the forum started on as a chatting zone for a few girls which later added on to its list of users. Nexopia is the world’s 5th Largest online spot of discussion with a majority of the population belonging to the country of Canada. The forum is all about the complaints and the troubles of the teen’s starting from fight with parents to puberty and sexual issues. The interesting part is that the average age of the users is about 16+ with an average 7800 users online at a single moment. That is actually great going as what started off as for a few girls is now for a few thousand teens.

6. FaceTheJury

Do not actually go on with the name of the community. The community is filled with all shots of people who are actually bored of life and get along doing stuffs that no sensible man would think of doing. All the community comprises of being weird status updates and photographs that actually have got no meaning. There is nothing useful on this site except for the realization that the internet is filled with idiots. The community has approximately 2580 users online at a given time.

7. Offtopic

This is one of those websites that take on the pain on allowing the people to speak out their heart. The discussions here actually are about each and everything. You can get to know about how or what somebody else feels or thinks and at the same time you can even place your thoughts. The discussion here starts from the cars to the morning breakfasts, from boring office day to a chilling weekend. The forum is a paid forum which means that you will have to pay in order to get along the talks that go through. This might just be the reason because of which the forum is still a clean one. Offtopic has an average amount of 1460 users online at a given time.

8. Vault Network

Do not get fooled by the heavyweight name that this community has. The community started off in the year 1995 when there was this game named Ultima online. This was the place where people used to discuss about the game only. Since the time has changed now, the topics have become more varied with most of them about games only but different ones. But the sad part about the forum is that it has a few stereotype users who believe in what they do and others are nothing. Nonetheless the forum has an average user count of 600 at any given time.

9. Something Awful

Something awful is a pure comedy website that has only jokes and all in its main center of focus. There is nothing other than gags around in the website. The forum is a paid one which keeps perverts at bay and keeps the community clean. If you are tired after the day’s work then believe me, this is the place where you should be. The community has an average online user’s number of approximately around 6900.

10. Buddypic

This is basically a website created for commenting on the pictures of the other people. To add to this the website also offers some chatting service. All you have to do is upload a picture of yours and get the attention and thus there will be a conversation that might rate you as good, bad, worse, disgusting, etc. Frankly speaking, this is the place for the guys who love looking at girls and girls who love looking at guys. Buddypic has an average 200 users online at a time.

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