Top 10 Drugs and Their Side Effects

By | November 17, 2013

Drugs that are dangerous to the present society that can make enough room for failure and hatred to come in. Drugs are actually the stuffs that have created havoc in a certain mass of the young generation. Speaking of certain facts, one can certainly blame the drugs for being that parasite that has literally broken the backbone of the society. The Drug and the kind of side effects that they produce do not just affect the person in particular but also the people who live with him or her creating an utter chaos in the home as well as the society.

1. Heroin

Heroin: Top 10 Drugs and Their Side Effects

Heroin is that drug which is directly produced from the extracts of Opium poppy. The drug is one of the most preferred drugs in cases of youngsters who seek spontaneous enjoyment. Initially the drug was actually designed to negate the effect of Morphine. Heroin starts its action right from the moment it enters the blood system. The compound takes a few seconds to cross the blood – brain barriers and then starts behaving like morphine. Thus, the people do not need to take in morphine. In the process of erasing the addiction of Morphine, Heroin has itself turned into one of the most addictive drugs!

2. Cocaine


The Drug that is more famous by the name of Cocaine is actually a crystalline alkaloid that is extracted from the leaves of cocoa tree. The drug is taken in the form of a powder and then administered into the system using the respiratory system The drug is one of those hyper stimulants that take the human beings to completely another world (according to the users). Again speaking of facts, the main effects are increased energy and sexual interest. But too much cocaine can also result in impotency!

3. Methamphetamine


This compound is also known as Meth or Ice in normal language. This is one of those psychology related drugs that take your complete self into a different world itself. The symptoms have abusive behaviors as a common one. The drug acts in such a way that there is a kind of stagnancy in the behavior of the protagonist. There is a tendency to repeat certain things or fall into deep sleep, etc. The victims claim that after the intake of meat, what followed was a feeling of euphoria that enabled him to live a few tension free hours.

4. Crack Cocaine

Crack Cocaine

Crack Cocaine is also another form of Cocaine. The extraction is also from the same source but the main difference lies in the production and the process of refining. The effects that Crack Cocaine has been very much the same as we have in case of normal cocaine. But pure and free base cocaine is filtered with Ammonia which makes it costly but this cracked cocaine is treated with NaOH and thus the cost is much less. There is a considerable increase in the negative effects that Crack Cocaine has when compared with free base cocaine!

5. LSD


Lysergic acid diethylamide, which is commonly known as LSD or LSD 25, belongs to the compound family of tryptamine. This drug was first used for the purpose of meditation amidst many people who could not concentrate on simple things. LSD on intake supposedly takes you on a trip that can last for any amount of time and you will feel the real existence of it. The strength actually depends on the strength of the dose taken. Most of the people report that the effect of the trips that they have is such that it can change the way a person lives, his character, etc.

6. Ecstasy


Ecstasy is one of the other psychedelic drugs that are administered into the people in order to get them out of a state of confusion. The fact that ecstasy has the ability to bring in calmness is one of the main reasons for which the psychologists used it for treatment. This is one of the recreational drugs that are used to stimulate the organs and especially the sexual organs for the people.  Ecstasy is known to bring in a certain kind of serenity in the person’s mind that he just is not bothered about anything else!

7. Opium


Opium is one of the most purely derived forms of the drug. In some places of the world, the latex derived from the Opium Poppy seed pots is used directly to the intake by the local people. The original latex contains about 16% of morphine in it. It is used for the preparation of Heroin that is used as a substitute for Morphine. Opium plantations are illegal in most of the countries; the effects of Opium literally contain all the effects of Heroin to add to that a great sleep.

8. Marijuana


Cannabis, which is also known as Marijuana in most of the parts of the world is one of the most favored narcotics. An herb is a part of Human history since the time of civilization dawned on. The smoking of Cannabis is the way in which the drug gets into the system and then has its effects. The effects can be extremely varied depending upon the users and the extent to which he can take. The drug has been used for the purposes of recreation, medicinal purposes and spiritual reasons. Once you get high on cannabis, there is a completely different world of which you will be a part!

9. Psilocybin mushrooms

Psilocybin mushrooms

These are just mushrooms. We are in the habit of eating so many different kinds of Mushroom but the Psilocybin mushrooms is one of the kind of mushrooms that one loves to have when he is in the mood to fly! They are most commonly referred to as Magic Mushrooms and are psychedelic in nature! On consumption of Psilocybin mushrooms, there are hallucinations that a person goes through and effectively there is a state of bliss and ecstasy.

10. PCP


PCP is the common name for the compound of Phencyclidine. Initially this compound was used as an agent for the purpose of anesthesia but with the passage of time, the uses went on variation and now this is one of the mostly used recreational drug. The effects of the drug are very much the same like in the case of other recreational drugs. Excessive intake of PCP can at times serve as fatal for the person!

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