Top 10 Most Dangerous Roads Around the World

By | September 9, 2013

Each and everyone one of us have surely tried their hands at the Need for Speed games. The speed is surely thrilling but when talking about speed in real life, there is a certain risk that is involved. There is no doubt of the fact that everyone enjoys the thrills of riding a vehicle but more often than not excessive speed turns out to be fatal. To add to this if the roads themselves have a certain potential risk involved with them, and then there is literally nothing that can come to your help. We have seen that a large proportion of the deaths occur due to the accidents on the road. Here is a list that will tell you about the top 10 most dangerous roads around the world.

1. Yungas Road

Yungas Road

The Yungas Road of Bolivia is one of the most dangerous roads around the world. The road is famous for all the deadly accidents that have happened on it. More often than not the people call the Yungas Road as the Death Road. The road was built with deadly turn and no protection around the edges by the POWs in the 1930’s.

2. Guoliang Tunnel

Guoliang Tunnel

Just imagine the kind of scene when you have mountain rocks above you, below you and on one side. The remaining side is all about deep cliffs and all. This has to be one of these roads that will make you scared even when you think of driving on it! The Guoliang Tunnel is one such road that is just 12 feet in width and 1.3 km in length.

3. The Roads of Nepal

The Roads of Nepal

Frankly speaking, it is literally all the roads of Nepal that are in much the same condition that accidents can happen any time. The potholes, the locked in water in them make it completely disastrous for the drivers to drive through them.

4. Fairy Meadows

Fairy Meadows

This is one of the most dangerous roads that the world might actually see because of the condition that it has. To add to it, the road does not have any kind of signs and barriers to help the drivers. Yet it is one loved roads for the people who are in for trekking and photography. The Fairy Meadows does provide some killer thrills but also has the instincts to kill.

5. Jalalabad Road

Jalalabad Road

One must not have any doubts regarding the kind of terrain that Afghanistan can have. To add to it, the kind of narrow roads that they built, the undulated land and the sharp turns are bound to make the life of a driver hell risky. You need some exceptional skills to survive on the Jalalabad Road of Afghanistan which has been rated the most dangerous road of Afghanistan.

6. Leh Manali Highway

Leh Manali Highway

This might just sound a bit hypothetical to you but yes the Leh Manali Highway in India is one of the most dangerous highways all across the world. With stacks of snow both right and left to you it is quite a journey that you will have to take. It is often advised to keep oxygen cylinders because you actually do not know how long will; your journey takes.

7. James Dalton Highway

James Dalton Highway

The Road is basically one of those roller coasters on land. The road at times takes a steep jump down and at the same time also moves up is quite the similar fashion. The worst thing is that the region is so scantly populated that if you shout all you will hear is your own echo.

8. Halsema Highway

Halsema Highway:Top 10 Most Dangerous Roads Around the World

Although it is one of the most well paved away roads of the world, but still the Halsema Highway is one of the most dangerous roads due to the kind of turns and curves it has. To add to it, the road is situated at quite an altitude which is sure to make things much more difficult for the beginners.

9. Siberian Road

Siberian Road

The road that connects the city of Moscow to Yakutsk is one of those roads which is literally always either under water or under the beds of snow. All you can see in the water flowing in front of you and the stream which is also the road that you will have to follow. Thus you can surely realize now why the Siberian Road is on the list of the most dangerous roads.

10. Stelvio Pass

Stelvio Pass

I will not say anything about the road, but I will suggest you that you take a close look at the read from a top view. The only thing that can create such a shape in the movement of a snake and thus imagine if cars have to move on the trail grounds of a snake, how much dangerous does the road gets. Yes Stelvio Pass is the road that will give you the opportunity to drive on the trails of a hypothetical snake.

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