Top 10 Most Incredibly Modified People

By | December 8, 2013

We are the humans and frankly speaking, there is a reason for which we are in this way. There are certain communities that have some creepy customs that changes the hell out of their physical bodies and remodeling them repeatedly. This is something that is completely against the nature but still there are a few people who love changing their looks constantly.  More often than not, these incredibly modified people are taken as people with some sort of mental trouble or some serious issues that is not known to humankind! In the past, the modifications were just limited to body arts, but now, it has reached up to piercing and all the other sorts of things that are not likely to be enjoyed by a normal man! We are going to share a list of the top 10 most incredibly modified people.

1. The Enigma

The Enigma

Well I do not know what I should be writing about this man. He is one of the most famous dangerously tattooed people living on this earth. He precisely has allowed more than 200 people to work on his entire body. Now that is something incredible! Mr. Paul Lawrence is probably some diehard fan of Jigsaw puzzle as he had more that 20 tattoo artist working on him at that point of time when he was doing this. He is also famous for the kind of stunts that he performs Le holding an apple in his mouth and then cutting it with a chainsaw. This man, Enigma is some hell of a modified person!

2. The Zombie Boy

The Zombie Boy

Hell, you do not need to way for films like Resident Evil or World War Z to have a look at the Zombies. Rick Genest is the man you should be looking for. This person left his home at the age of 16 and now he is famous all over the world with the tag of being a zombie boy. He has a tattoo that is literally filled all over his body. The working is so great, that you will not notice it initially, but on closer look all you will be able to see is decomposition in smaller scale and once that image sets into you, you will realize the tattoo on his body. He is the only living Zombie on Earth.

3. Bear Big Ears

Bear Big Ears

Yes, Elephants do have huge ears, but a man with an ear lobe with a length of approximately about 14 is a hell of an achievement. Daryl Belmares is surely on the Guinness Book of World Record, but the astonishing ear lobes that he has will seriously astound the elephants even.  He is a professional and world – renowned tattoo designer and body – piercing specialist. Whatever be his profession, there is no doubt of the fact that this person has the best possibly modified earlobes in the world.

4. The Hawaiian Mutant

The Hawaiian Mutant: Top 10 Most Incredibly Modified People

Let me make one thing very clear initially that this person is no student of Prof. Charles Xavier. However, yeah, he is a mutant or at least he look like one. This person from Hawaii has done all the piercing himself. More than 75% of his body is covered with tattoos and the remaining is covered with piercing. To add to his mutation, he has just added steel spikes on his head. Moreover, mark my words, he has done it himself. Drilled in his head and then screwed up the spikes. This is some hell of a modification to the physical body.

5. Etienne Dumont

Etienne Dumont

More often than not when and if we visit a modern art show, we will find canvasses filled with all sorts of color. Moreover, If I told you that you will have the feat to see a living and walking canvas of such sort, would you believe it? Well, Mr. Etienne Dumont is the man I am talking about and he loves being such way. He says there is nothing spiritual is tattooing. It is just amusing for him. He has his whole body covered with tattoos. He even already has his own photography expedition.

6. The Zebra Man

The Zebra Man

Well, Marty might be confused that whether he has black stripes on white or white stripes on black but Horace Ridler has got no doubt. Rather he is so confident that he has designed his tattoos just like the ones at Zebra has. This is some appreciation and love in any case. To add to this, Ridler was a hero of the War and was much favored in the army as well. He left everything and remained within himself. He said that he prefers standing out of the crowd.

7. The Illustrated Lady

The Illustrated Lady

Julia Gnuse is the world’s most tattooed Woman. She is a one with more that 95% of her body covered under tattoos. This has one medical reason behind it. To be precise, she suffers from a medical condition according to which she gets blisters and scars whenever she is out is the sun. Therefore, the doctor advised her to get some tattoos on the hands to prevent the showing of the scars. With time, this medical solution turned into an obsession. Now at the age of 55, she feels proud to have such an obsession.

8. The Lizard man

The Lizardman

There has always been something about the reptiles, which has always attracted the humans. Similar thing happened with a resident of Texas. This person was so much fascinated with reptiles that he tattooed his whole body with designs resembling scales of the reptiles. He sat patiently for over 700 hours for the completion of the design. The fascination and obsession were of such an extent that he even split his tongue to look like the tongue of a snake. He is a modified snake in human form! To add to this, he is also famous for the stunt shows that he does.

9. Lucky Diamond Rich

Lucky Diamond Rich

Here is the man who is completely filled up in tattoos. He has approximately 99% of his whole body covered in tattoos. This man has been on the tattooing chairs for more that 40 days and that is a hell of an achievement. He has even had his original teeth being plucked up and replaced by shinning diamonds. This is awesome. Lucky Diamond Rich is seriously rich as he earns a lot of his money juggling live chainsaws. Now, when he is cramped for space for modification, he has decided that he will convert all his black designs with white and look for something even better.

10. The Cat Man

The Cat Man

Well, Batman is a super Hero and here we have Catman who is a hell of a modified person. What has this person not done to his body? He has tattoos, piercings, colorings and even surgeries so that he can look like a cat. This is simply awesome. The features have been developed in such a way that at the first look of the face, he surely does resemble like a cat. To add to all this, Mr. Anver i.e. Cat man was also a genius of a programmer. He died in November, 2012.

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