Top 10 Countries of the World Without Military Forces

By | September 23, 2013

Probably they are the best examples of how a country can exist without the troubles of a War or anything else. War has given nothing but just a distraction to literally all the countries of the World. Apart from the people involved, War has also affected people who actually have not done anything and yet have suffered with and for everything. Just imagine a situation when India, America, China, etc. and many other countries are keeping themselves armed and at the same time there are many countries who do not have a body that will arm themselves. Here in this article I will discuss about the Top 10 Countries of the world without Military forces.

1. Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands

The Solomon Islands are a group of around a 100 islands but they actually feel no need to maintain an army. The islands actually do not possess any armed forces since its freedom from Britain after the Second World War. The country has paid some amount of money to Australia to provide defense in case the island is attacked by some other nation.

2. Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of those countries that once had an army but the government had it abolished by signing a treaty after the civil war that raged the country during the 1940’s. The decision was made in lieu of an event in which more than 2000 people were killed. The country is a part of the Inter-American Treaty of Reciprocal Assistance of 1947 according to which if Costa Rica is ever attacked, the other nations will have to protect it.

3. Samoa

Samoa: Top 10 Countries of the World Without Military Forces

The island country of Samoa is one of those beautiful nations that does not have a definite set of military forces. Although the country has a police department, the country has a treaty with New Zealand according to which. New Zealand will protect Samoa is a case of a War time situation.

4. Palau

Palau: Top 10 Countries of the World Without Military Forces

The country of Palau is one of those small nations without an armed military force. The country does have its own police department whose work is to counter the civil unrest and provide protection to the national people. In case of a war, the country depends on the United States for help.

5. Andorra


The landlocked country of Andorra did have an army that was just having 10 men to support the stand. This group of 10 men was replaced by a police department that takes care of the civilians and other local issues. The country depends on the forces of Nato, France and Spain to provide protection.

6. Grenada


The country does not have an army since the Americans had to intervene in the civil war that raged the country in the past during the times of the Prime Minister, Maurice Bishop. The country does have a Police force and a Regional Security Bureau. The country has promised help from the other islands of the Caribbean and if not help from the United States is the lone protection.

7. Marshall Island

Marshall Island

The Marshal Islands became a sovereign nation in the year 1983 under the Compact of Free Association. According to the pact, the country will not have any military forces. It can have its own police force but just for the civil works. The other cases will be taken care of by the United States of America.

8. Liechtenstein


Just like Costa Rica, country of Liechtenstein completely abolished its military forces after the Austro-Prussian War in the year 1868. The reasons given were that the army is too much expensive to be kept and the loss of lives of too many as well. In case some other country decides to attack Liechtenstein, then Liechtenstein will have to raise its own army or ask for help from its neighboring nations.

9. Nauru


Nauru is one of the smallest country with a radius of just 8.1 sq miles. Frankly speaking the country does not have enough land to create a training camp as well. The country does have a small police force that looks after the protection of the civilians. In case of a wartime situation, Australia is supposed to help the country.

10. The Vatican City

The Vatican City

The smallest country does not have any army of its own. Rather it has a police force that keeps the law and order intact. The country abolished the system owing to a declaration made by the pope. In case of a Wartime emergency, Italy is supposed to be helping the nation.

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