Top 10 Weird Things that Some People Believe In

By | October 30, 2013

We are the people and we have a tendency to believe in each and everything that we find plausible enough. More often than not this statement about believing in things is about what a group or a community or a family thinks. We tend to grow up with beliefs that we have been told to believe since childhood. We generally do not tend to question these stuffs. As a result of this it is quite evident that Humans have developed a belief towards some weird things that are no factual base but turn up as one of the important facets of their lives. Here are the top 10 weird things that some people believe in.

1. Rumpology


The first and the basic question that might just strike most of the people is the fact that what is Rumpology? Well let me state it to you, Rumpology is the art of studying the shape and size of someone’s bum with the aim if reading the future of that person. Many people around the world are said to believe in these weird stuffs and believe that instead of Hands, the bums can show the real future of the man. To add to this in some places on this earth, people are also being paid to read your bums at quite a huge rate. Truly speaking, this is same height of weird shit.

2. The flat Earth

The flat Earth

During the medieval times, the people of this very earth believed in the saying that the earth is flat. Then the men were proved wrong by scientists and then even Magellan’s crew circled round the world, I order to prove that the earth was round. These are the proofs of the past. Just consider the latest images of a round earth from the satellites. According to these pictures, one must not have any doubt that the Earth is round, but let me tell you about a group of people who still believe the fact that the earth is flat and all this is a conspiracy in order to prove them wrong. This whole group of people even has a complete website saying tons in their favor by the name of

3. Psychic Surgery

Psychic Surgery

If this was true that nobody would have died of cancer and yet in spite of knowing the facts, many people still go to these people. The psychic surgeons state that they can cure each and everything starting from cancer to fetal brain damage. These people show as if they are reaching for the diseased organs and then cure them. Many illusionists have revealed the trick that these people play but still these surgeons are very common in parts of Brazil and Malaysia. Frankly speaking, if this were true, people would not have spent their lifetimes and then died in vain trying to search for a medicine of cancer.

4. Pyramid Power

Pyramid Power

This is a theory that might just be called a bluff and at the same time might just not be. The Pyramid theory is one of those theories according to which any organic material can be preserved for any length of time provided that the pyramid is of exact proportionate dimensions. According to the belief, the Egyptians system of numerology propelled them to harness this power in order to go on with their mummification process. Although there is no scientific proof to go against this statement but neither is there any statement that would go in favor of the appeal.

5. Attachment Therapy

Attachment Therapy

This is the first time when I have heard of teaching a kid to fall in love with his or her mother, father or sibling. This is what some people believe that by attachment therapy that can get closer to their children. I have got no idea of how this stuff works but it is seen that the therapists make the parents go through a number of processes before actually stating that now your son or daughter will be affectionate towards you. In some cases even children are made to go through some disastrous seasons.

6. Melanin Theory

Melanin Theory

This is arguably one of the most well known racist theories that actually do not have a mark of racism on it. Here in people think that the ones with the maximum amount of melanin have the special powers of absorbing radiations, doing stuffs that require huge calculations without the help of anything. In short, according to the melanin theory, black people are super humans. I know a few black colored people who are dumb as a donkey. Biologists are still trying to find one proof to support the statement.

7.  Body Earthing

Body Earthing

This rumor has got a bit of science in it and a bit of biology as well. According to the body others, we can actually remain in great physical condition of allowing the free radicals in our body to flow away. Till now the theory is quite interesting, but the weirdness begins when they say that we can lose the extra radicals by walking barefoot on wet grass. If these were true that none of the people of the third world rural area would have died of any illness. With the body and the earth, the relation is not like a plug and a socket.

8. The Urine Therapy

The Urine Therapy

Just imagine that instead of drinking your morning cup of tea, you are drinking a glass of urine. This might just sound absolutely ridiculous to you but many people around the globe tend to believe that urine can be extremely helpful in eradicating many illnesses. The theory is not one of the new born theories but dates back to the times of the early Romans. The modern day doctors that drinking urine can lead to many unwanted disorders that could might just be fatal enough.

9. Memetics


This is something that is absolutely a belief of some people and nothing else. According to the beliefs of the people who believe in Memetics, they say that a meme is nothing but a thought that lives on from one individual to another. There is no doubt of the fact that Meme’s do not exist but for the people who believe in it, it is just like another human. It is just that the body of another human act as a host.

10. Dowsing

Dowsing:Top 10 Weird Things that Some People Believe In

This is arguably one of the worst and weirdest stuffs that the people believe in. According to this, sticks can be used to find things that cannot be found with open eyes. The system was used in the past to search for water. People think that the tip would get wet and that would tell them that there is water there. But then people started believing that everything could be found out. People even think that some special dowsing sticks have special divine powers. These dowsers still hold conventions and criticize the modern methods of searching for things.

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