Top 10 Customized Vehicles from all around the World

By | September 7, 2013

Yes this is the very true fact that we are living in this 21st Century and living in this 21st Century we surely realize the need to have vehicles. Vehicles are that entity that can actually be given the credit for the advancements that we have had in our lives. If we just take a stroll in the past we will see that the complete course of History changed the moment wheel was created. The impact that the vehicles have had on our society is very much the same. More often than not vehicles are used for two main purposes, i.e. Transportation and for personal use. Here is this article we will talk about the top 10 customized vehicles from all around the World.

1. The Custom Rickshaws of India and Bangladesh

The Custom Rickshaws of India and Bangladesh

This is probably the only vehicle that will be found in the list of the top 10 vehicles no matter who writes it. These are that mode of transportation that is basically a cause for the living of a huge section of the society. They are cheap and at the same time cater to the needs that the people of the region have. They also carry the look that might just be required to catch the eye of somebody else.

2. The Customized Vans of United States of America

Customized Vans usa

This vehicle became famous during the late 50’s and the early sixties. Many people can still recall the memories of travelling in a bogie van. These vans were more predominantly used by the Gypsies and the hippies. Their basic specialty that made this van so very much famous is the fact that you can easily customize it and convert it into a place where you can spend the long driving hours easily.

3. The Jeepneys of Philippines

Jeepneys of Philippines

The Jeepneys are the prime example of the fact that Human brain can be effectively used in order to change what looks like a waste and convert it into something extremely useful. These Jeepneys are the products of the Jeeps that were left over by the US army in the Philippines. They customized the jeeps and converted them into mass transportation vehicles. These customized vehicles are the mode of employment for many people.

4. The Jingle Trucks of Central Asia

Jingle Trucks :Top 10 Customized Vehicles from all around the World

These trucks are mainly used for carrying goods over long distances. They are very common in parts of Asia especially the Indian Subcontinent. The vehicles are customized in such fashion that they are habitable enough in the harsh climate of the central Asian region. They come with paintings all over their body and curtain to protect the people inside from the heat and the dusty winds.

5. The Mod Scooters of United Kingdom

Mod Scooters of United Kingdom

These were the customized scooters of the sixties and the seventies when the local boys of the countryside of United Kingdom got hold of some cheap scooters and modified them with all the knowledge of art and safety that they had. There were many rear view mirrors and at the same time innumerable headlights. The scooters showed their vivid love in the modern form of art. Although the Mod Scooters are low in numbers nowadays; but some find their place in different museums.

6. The Lowriders of United States of America

Lowriders of United States of America

The Lowriders were first invented by the Americans of Mexico who used the cars to stay low on profile when crossing the international borders. The main objective that was behind the customization was the aim to make the car real slow and low in order to prevent the trails of dust that a moving vehicle leaves in those dusty parts.

7. The Itasha of Japan

Itasha of Japan

There is no great specialty about the cars except for the painting that they portray ion the cars. Apart from them, Itasha is a normal racing car but people love painting their racing cars in Japan in such a way that you will not be able to take your eyes off it.

8. The Choppers of United States of America

Choppers of United States of America

These were basically the bikes that were used by the armies in the war front. After the war was over, the people took the time in changing the bikes completely forever. The original ones were bulky ant not at all suitable for normal use. The soldiers chopped of the extra baggage on the bikes and transformed them into one of the best looking bikes in the world.

9. The Tourist Busses of Thailand

Tourist Busses of Thailand

These are the busses that are used to take on the tourists for the sightseeing. They are one of the most well designed busses for the comforts of the tourists. To add to that the busses are painted in such fashion that they attract the eyes of most of the people.

10. The Dekotora of Japan

The Dekotora of Japan1

They are basically the normal trucks of Japan which have been modified in the fashion that makes each and every single truck different from each other. These trucks hold a panorama of pictures that make the highways with the trucks a treat for the eye.

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