Top 10 Iconic Cars That was Built During the Communist Regime in USSR

By | August 30, 2013

Communism is that thing which is literally the most integral part of Russia and so is the tradition in innovating vehicles. Thus one can very well be lest assured of the fact that during the period when communism was all over Russia, Russia must have done something spectacular with vehicles. More than the wish to do so, it was the need under Stalin to prove to the world that Russia is something much better other that just World Wars. Thus the engineers of the Communist Russia took on the challenging work of creating something great. Here in this article I will discuss about the top 10 iconic cars that were built during this period of struggle in Russia.

1. Tatra 603

Tatra 603

The car was designed by the engineers of Czechoslovakia. The model was not at all very common in the streets of the country and not even in other parts of the USSR. But there are certain things that make this car an iconic one. Considering the period it was something completely exceptional on the part of the engineers to have designed something like this which had the maximum speed of just above 100 miles per hour. To add to this was the 99 bhp engine which made the car enlists itself in the all time high performance cars of the world.

2. ZIL 114

ZIL 114

This limo was not just the product of the engineering excellence but rather of the jealousy that the leaders had in their hands looking at the fact that the US limos were making their ZIL 111 an antique piece. Thus they gave the orders of a modified limo with the name of ZIL 114. With the guarantee of delivering an awesome performance, the car notched up a speed of 0 – 60 in just 12.8 Sec. The Present President of Russia still drives around one of these.

3. Lada Riva

Lada Riva

This is one of the earliest family cars that the communist engineers had made. The most interesting thing about the car is the fact that the car was not completely made by one country. It was literally assembled in four different countries. The last Lada Riva was produced in the year 2012 for some industrialist of the USA.

4. Dacia 1300

Dacia 1300

This is the product of the Romanian engineers. The car has got many similarities with Renault – 12 which was produced by the capitalist engineers. With a maximum speed of just 84 miles per hour, the car was never talked about a great car but its presence was felt in the middle class people for whom its exceptionally high mileage made this great. The sale of the car among the middle class society makes it one of the iconic cars.

5. Trabant 601

Trabant 601

This car was literally the product of recycled waste that the communists had from different cotton mills. The car was not one of those lavish ones but was quite famous for its mileage. The car was produced for approximately 27 years with literally no upgrades.

6. GAz 69

GAz 69

The car might just be looking like a jeep. The car was one of the favorites for them who loved driving off road. The car was exceptionally strong and had greater control that made it in the list of one of the highly loved cars of the time. It was later extensively used in the army.

7. Wartburg 353

Wartburg 353

This family car was produced in East Germany. The car was very simple in the machines it had but the looks, the class and the elegance that it radiated at the same price of some other cars, made it a super hit in the market. The sales lead it to the charts of iconic cars of the east.

8. Luaz 969 M

Luaz 969 M

This Road Roller was specifically designed for the military purposes. The main feature that made this car an instantaneous hit among the masses was its low maintenance cost and high performance delivery. This Ukrainian Giant literally rolled over the hearts of the people.

9. Skoda 110R

Skoda 110R

There is literally no doubt about the elegance that this car holds. To add to this the kind of performance that this car gave made it one of the best in the markets. But the sad part is that the Czech engineers could not continue building these magnificent cars as the profit margins were less. Any car of this model; is worth billions of the present times.

10. GAz M21

GAz M21

This car was also built in order to give a reply to the Ford cars that were being built during those times. The car came with a 2.4 liter engine and a capability to reach 0 – 60 miles in 20.12 Sec. The size of the car along with the comfort made it famous all over the world.

This concludes the list of the top 10 iconic cars that are still sure to make at least 90% of the heads turn at the aura they radiate from them.

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